Best Cold Sore Remedies

You’ll find 3 approaches you could take when it comes to the question of learning how to treat cold sores, each remedy features its own rewards. Sometimes you simply need to experiment to determine which treatment your herpes responds to fastest. Simplest way to do that is each and every time you have got the virus keep a diary and use various approaches every time to find out how your epidermis reacts. One of the best cold sore remedies might be those where the lifespan within the sores is shortened and the pain in addition to any scar that forms is low, should the remedies keep your herpes from swelling and itching that is an added bonus.

Prescription Medicine

This may be medication just like Abreva, this offers the active ingredient Docanosol which has been proven to prevent the virus herpes simplex from replicating. If you are able to trap the virus within the tingling sensation stage and apply Abreva then the lifespan of the sore ought to be significantly reduced. Abreva acts as an envelope to contain the herpes simplex virus therefore it cannot grow and as a consequence it is stopped in its track, usually within three days you see the real difference.

Over-the-counter Medication

Over the counter medication such as Denavir works differently from Abreva, Denavir is usually a antiviral and kills the virus, it doesn’t stop the herpes virus from growing, this may and will be applied in the event the infection passes the tingling stage and you may experience a blister forming. By using Denavir you are able to stop herpes from spreading somewhere else nevertheless the only drawback is it cannot stop the herpes virus from replicating, so if the virus replicates faster than Denavir kills the herpes simplex virus then the healing process is prolonged.

Natural Course

Some people often prefer to permit the infection to take its natural course while keeping focused on learning exactly what the triggers are and how to avoid them. The most frequent triggers are sunshine, alteration of weather and stress, sometimes pregnancy may bring out a cold sores because of the surge in hormones. If you are able to pinpoint just what the trigger is and then avoid after that it you possibly can steer clear of the infection altogether.

Herbal Products

Herbal remedies have become more popular than ever, the most widespread herbal cold sore methods are Tea Tree Oil and Natural Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil is a potent antiviral that kills the herpes virus and Aloe Vera Cream is a healing remedy, if used together can form a formidable combination in regards to HSV remedies. There are lots of people who swear by this remedy however I believe that everyone differs from the each other and choosing the right remedies can be a matter of experimentation.

The easiest method to approach this can be every time the virus appears, try to keep a diary each time make use of a different approach as outlined above. Monitor the progress that you make in order to find the most effective remedy that work for your skin.