Best Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Bacterial vaginosis can be frustrating to deal with and even more difficult to find relief from. There are different ways to relieve the condition, but most women want to know what the best bacterial vaginosis treatment is.

I believe the best form of relief should be from a natural remedy. This will eliminate any harmful side effects that comes from drugs. In addition, many of the drug treatments, while providing relief for some at the beginning, the symptoms do re-occur for many. A natural treatment will be safe and effective, thus making it the best.

The best bacterial vaginosis treatment many consider is the yogurt treatment. This involves using regular yogurt you can get at the stores. The secret to the yogurt treatment is the live cultures which yogurt contains (make sure you get a brand which has live cultures; usually they will say so on the label). Live cultured yogurt will put back the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria

How do you implement the yogurt treatment? There are a couple of different methods. First, you can simply try implementing daily yogurt in your diet. Just by eating yogurt you can find relief. But the other way women implement yogurt is by applying it directly. You can do this by soaking a tampon in yogurt and applying in that manner.

The reason many women find yogurt to be the best bacterial vaginosis treatment is due to the all natural nature of the cure, and obviously the easy access and availability. But many women will go further, and get a treatment manual online which will provide additional natural cures that brings on relief in only a few days.