Benenden Healthcare Society

These days it is pretty difficult to find an insurer with the noble objective of helping people in need. Benenden healthcare is a remarkable exception and this not-for-profit society has served a lot of people with affordable healthcare. Established in 1905, this society now has over 940000 members.

And who can become a member? Anyone who has worked or is working in the UK public sector can avail Benenden health insurance. Because public sector salaries are lower than private sector, employees often find it much harder to pay for health insurance. But Benenden has solved this problem for good.

All members and their families can get health insurance cover at the flat rate of 1.50 pound per week. So quite clearly this is an affordable alternative to private medical insurance for thousands of people. Moreover, Benenden healthcare does not insure on medical checks or place age restrictions on those who wish to become members.

Even if you have a pre-existing condition, you can join in as a member! Treatment is provided at the Benenden Hospital which is a fully equipped medical facility capable of matching up to any of the best hospitals in UK in terms of facilities and expertise of staff on its payroll. It even provides care to those who are not members of the Benenden society.

There are also affordable corporate healthcare plans from Benenden. At the rate of 1.50 pound per week, companies can get their employees insured and add the same to their benefits package.

If you are having a hard time in finding the best health cover quote, maybe you can take a look at the plans provided by Benenden. Even if you can not make it to the hospital in Kent, you can get treatment in any of the approved Regional Treatment Centers, located all over UK. In terms of options and affordability, Benenden healthcare is definitely a great choice.