Benefits of Having First Aid Kits: Why You Really Need One?

Accidents happen indiscriminately; it could happen to your family, to your friends, and even to you.  Of course when these things happen, the first thing you can do is to respond immediately to lessen the collateral damage. But are you prepared? Do you have cotton balls, alcohol, bandages, or scissors to help you treat somebody who’s wounded? In short, do you have an Emergency First Aid Kit?

You can find these things in your local shop, at home or any clinic but do you bring some of these with you when you travel? These questions are basic to determine whether you really are ready during emergencies, if the answer is ‘No’ then you still have today to secure the things you need. The best thing you can do is to buy a First Aid Kit.

There are tons of medical benefits you can get from Emergency First Aid Kits and let’s try to tackle the most basic ones.

1. You can treat injuries and wounds immediately – the truth is everybody can respond and treat injuries or wounds as they happen. The problem enters only when there is nothing one can use to treat them. Having a first aid kit will actually make things easier for you considering you will have anything you need in one pack. A huge percentage of accident fatalities can be attributed to the lack first aid treatments. If only victims would be given medical treatment before paramedics arrive, there is a good chance of survival. Moreover, medical kits are also useful to treat wounds to prevent further loss of blood. Whether you are at home or enjoying a camping activity, there is a need for a First Aid Kit.

2. You can prevent infection – when the skin is cut and open, you will need to cover it with something clean. If you have a medical kit with you, then you can cleanse the wound with antiseptic (alcohol, betadyne solution) and cover it with a fresh bandage preventing the risk of infection.

3. You feel at ease wherever you go – whether you are at home or outdoor, once you have your medical kit with you, you will feel at ease knowing you are ready to respond when accidents happen to your family. Basically, having a First Aid Kit means you are ready. Of course, it is always better to stay safer at all times by taking necessary precautions.

The human body is so fragile that it couldn’t stand major injuries for long. Having Emergency Medical First Aid Kit will, at least, give you an opportunity to lessen or prevent further damage.

A study has been conducted by the Red Cross before to know whether medical kits are really effective. Their finding showed that almost 90% of the times death is prevented when proper first aid treatment is given to the victims before paramedics arrive to the rescue.

The fact is paramedics or the people who respond immediately when you call an ambulance only give first aid to the victims, although they can revive the person if they needed to while en route to the hospital. The ambulance is also a more advanced First Aid Kit.

Now, the question is, do you think you really need an Emergency First Aid Kit? Absolutely, yes!