Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements That I Gained

You don’t need to go far these days to hear about the benefits of fish oil supplements. Television ads, magazines articles, books on the subject, scientists and the heart foundation, all provide us with positive information on why we need to add omega 3 to our daily diet.

Unfortunately, omega 3s are scarce in our diet due to modern day farming practices where our food is mass produced for profit, rather than nutrition.This leaves us with nutrient deficient soils, producing nutrient deficient food.

What about the food from the ocean? Well, this depends on where your fish is sourced, but generally the abundant omega 3s come from the more oily types, which often contains toxic metals due to pollution.

Most of us understand the benefits of fish oil supplements as already mentioned, due to mass advertising. We know that omega 3, especially DHA and to some extent EPA, is ideal brain food for everyone, great during pregnancy and for nursing Mums, we know that it is good for our heart and is a very good anti inflammatory source for skin disorders, general aches and pains, irritable bowel disorders and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here, I would like to mention the benefits of fish oil supplements that I have gained. Being the “young” Grandmother that I am, I was visiting my Daughter, Son in Law and children. I could not get myself off the lounge due to back pain. Terribly embarrassed, I managed to roll myself off the lounge to get to a standing position.During this time, I said “I think I need some omega 3s.”

Following extensive research I discovered that not all omega 3 products are equal and finally found a very reputable company to purchase my product from. Within a few days of taking the omega 3s I noticed that my back pain was beginning to improve. Within 3 months I noticed a huge improvement, not only with my back pain but my eyes were brighter and my skin looked younger.

One of the benefits of fish oil supplements that I was not expecting is a major improvement to a severe fracture of my wrist seven years ago. I now have more flexibility than I have had during the whole time of the injury. The bump on the wrist has reduced in size and the wrist rotation has improved. Considering the only option that the Orthopedic Specialist offered was surgery with no guarantee of improvement and 3 months off work, I am very excited about this.

For whatever reason you may need the benefits of fish oil supplements, why not click on the link which will take you to all of the information that I gained and why I chose the one that I did. Health is wealth.