Being Obese Can Kill You


Cancer due to obesity is the latest disease which is becoming recognized and while most obese people acknowledge the danger, they do little to lower their risk. The most well known risk is heart disease which affects a large percentage of obese people each year. The biggest problem with diseases related to is getting people to actually do something to prevent those diseases from affecting them. There are more and more articles appearing in different publications about the health risks and risk of diseases that are linked to obesity.

Unfortunately, the desired effect has not taken place. People are still eating whatever they want in the belief that they'll be one of the people who are not affected. The culture of blindness that surrounds the danger of obesity is primarily prevalent in those who suffer from obesity. The increase in the number of people who are classified as obese through the world has lead to an increase in the number of studies done on what effects obesity can have on your body.

Each of the new studies being done is showing new diseases and ailments that can strike the rising obese population of the world. Typically these reports can do what they're supposed to do and wake an obese person up to the dangers of their lifestyle. Most of the time all the reports and articles do is fly over the heads of those people who they are trying to reach. The only way to reach those people who do not acknowledge the problems is to shock them out of their nutritional stupidity. Make them do community service for every pound they are over a healthy weight.

An ideal form of this is to make them spend time with other overweight people who are suffering from different diseases due to their obesity. This will expose them to reality of their situation and make them move around, something many of them do not do often enough. Seeing the reality of diseases can often wake a person out of their little comfort zone and get them to acknowledge that there's a serious problem with their lifestyle. The more you bring home the reality of the diseases that are caused by being obese, the greater the likelihood that people will actually acknowledge that they need to take action.

Another way to get people's attention is to implement an extra tax, either on their weight or on the food they eat. This can help to reduce the huge load that is placed on health services by those people who are obese. This is due to the fact that their health problems place a huge burden on the health services, which are subsidized by people who do not suffer from those problems. This way the more the weight, the more they need to pay towards their own health care instead of being a huge bore literally on those people who are healthy.