Before and After Duodenal Switch Surgery


Choosing the best technique for weight loss surgery is an individual decision for every doctor and patient due to numerous factors that could contribute to it. Usually, those persons having a BMI higher than 40 or suffering of diabetes are the most suitable patients for vertical gastrectomy. The best candidates for this procedure are those persons having a great BMI, sometimes their BMI going over 55. Statistics say that candidates with BMI over 50 will loss more weight if they have duodenal switch surgery than if they would had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Most of the times, heart failure patients and sleep apnea patients are excluded for this procedure, no matter what their BMI would be. Being a candidate for vertical gastrectomy surgery you must know that most of the bariatric clinics deem it as an experimental procedure.

Pre-surgery consultations will include a meeting with a dietitian, who will fix you a program to follow before and after the surgery. You will pass through some evaluations of your health situation regarding your heart, lungs, and your mental health. Before surgery, some patients will have to undergo an upper endoscopy examination to check if they have tumors, polyps, ulcer or the bacteria that causes ulcer, in their stomach.

You will be asked about the medication, vitamins, minerals or herbal treatments you are taking or of those that you might continue with after.

Your surgeon has to know if you are a smoker or if you are capable to quit smoking for at least six months after the surgery procedure because of the increasing risks a smoker has in this specific period of time like: pneumonia and other lung problems or blood clots. Drinking alcohol is also forbidden 48 hours before surgery; so you will be asked about having alcohol problems.

You will be recommended to try to lose few percents of your body weight before the duodenal switch procedure is programmed in order to benefit of a shorter hospital stay and a more rapid weight loss after the surgery.

A patient must always know those advantages that duodenal switch surgery might have for him:

1. The stomach remain bigger than in other bariatric surgeries types so you may eat larger meals without feeling any discomfort
2. The intestinal bypass is reversible for those patients that might have malabsorptive complications
3. Smaller risk of developing ulcers
4. Greater obesity-related illnesses disappearance
5. Weight loss process will continue for a longer period of time and the possibility to restart some unwanted gain weight is smaller.