"Bedroom Boldness" – How To Enjoy Sex With Your Love Or Marriage Partner

Many women have found themselves in a climax-less relationship and feel much unfulfilled as a result. Most often men are oblivious of this fact. Some of these women feel it will bruise their husband’s ego if they tell them that they never enjoy sex with them. So they just pretend. When asked by their husbands after a relationship if they had enjoyed it; they would reply, ‘oh honey it was wonderful. A lot of women fake up orgasm. They do so because they don’t want to hurt the man’s feelings especially if the man had put up some effort and courage to satisfy his wife. Such men will get discouraged and feel that the woman is insatiable or she is a whore if he finds it difficult to give the woman orgasm. This would put the marriage in jeopardy. But it is very easy to give your love partner that exceptional orgasm – you just need to know how to do it. Most men lack the information and knowledge on how to go about it. Try to know more about love, sex and marriage.

DRAW THE MAN’S ATTENTION. The women have their roles to play. They should draw the man’s attention and make him to know the reality. Much creativity and love is needed to achieve this. The women could engage the man in erotic or salacious conversations. Such topics like oral sex- cunnilingus and fellatio could be interesting.

The surge for the desire for sex runs through the man’s veins and nerves like thunder. Like a charged bull he is ready to conquer. But the real truth is that physical strength alone is not enough to conquer a woman’s passion and emotion. It equally requires information, wisdom, knowledge and love. Most men rush in and rush out like a flash of light. Like the common saying, ‘garbage in and garbage out’. The man has enjoyed himself. He is satisfied. What about the woman? Is she sexually satisfied? Not a little. The worst of all is that most men are completely ignorant of this fact.

At this point the couple should engage themselves in foreplay and oral sex if they have not been doing so. The woman should try to involve his lover in a ‘mind-blowing’ fellatio or blow-job while the man on the other hand should perform cunnilingus on the woman. This will keep the man from ejaculating so soon.

Mastering the art of foreplay locating the erogenous spots will help the couple to accumulate stimulation and emotional impulse gradually until they reach the peak. It shouldn’t be a hasty affair. They longer they stay together the better. What you build in haste could be destroyed easily. And what you take time to build could last long.

This is the only way for couple to experience extended massive orgasm (EMO). Ignorance, selfishness and cheating would have been completely eliminated from the relationship. Intimacy would have been deepened while couple becomes nicer and generous.

Why is it that about 90% of men do not experience real orgasm but mere ejaculation? It is because they don’t satisfy their wives. What you give is what you receive. The level you give is the same level you receive.

What causes a man to womanize? It is lack of sexual satisfaction. And what causes a woman to cheat? The answer is the same – lack of sexual satisfaction. Some couples are betrayed by haste, ignorance, selfishness and greed. Instead of seeking for information and knowledge on how to satisfy one another sexually they go outside looking for satisfaction elsewhere. That is vanity. Such people never get satisfied because the same characters and factors that prevented them from having satisfaction at home follow them wherever they go. They should get more information about love, sex and marriage.

A man jumps from one woman to another, then to another etc. Why the “women wandering”? He has not got what he is looking for – sexual satisfaction. He may never get that satisfaction until he looks inward. He will only give it in order to receive it. Stop wandering. Satisfy your partner in order get satisfaction sexually. “Drink water from your own cistern”, so says the book of proverb in the Bible. There is portable and living water in your well. Why looking for water elsewhere when you have it in abundance?

Your wife is a ‘million women in one’ – explore her sexually trying different styles and positions. There is no need to be looking for women outside when you have a million in one yet to be explored.

To the ladies: Discover the only known formula that a woman can use to satisfy her husband and stop or prevent him from womanizing.

To the men: Not being able to take your partner to orgasm could be upsetting for both of you. She suffers frustration, emotional trauma and deprivation, and you feel you’ve let her down. But giving her an exceptional orgasm is actually very easy – find out how.