Bed Sores – Prevention and Cure with Sheepskin

Bed sores pose a threat to anyone facing long periods of bed rest or bed
confinement, or anyone who is immobilized or handicapped. Bed sores develop
as a result of constant pressure on certain parts of the body, most commonly the
bony areas such as shoulder blades, hips, heels and elbows. Other factors that
contribute to bedsores include excessive moisture from sweating and friction
from rubbing against the lower sheet.

Early sign of a bed sore is a red rash that looks much like a sunburn. If left
untreated, full blown bed sores develop, resulting in open wounds with drainage,
infections and even death. Bed sores can be successfully furnished by providing air
flow under the body and by removing moisture. As always, prevention is the best
cure. But even fully developed bed sores can be cured by the use of natural
sheepskin bed pads, heel wraps, etc.

The value of sheepskin for medical use has been known for decades, but not
widely used. However, Nursing Homes, Hospices, and Home Care services that
use sheepskin find great success in preventing and curing bed sores. Quality,
100% natural wool sheepskin provides soft, dense fibers that wick away moisture
and allow air to circulate under all pressure points of the body.

Extensive research has been done by supplying patents in Nursing Homes,
Hospice groups and individuals under home care with sheepskin bed pads, heel
wraps and elbow wraps, and recording the results. When these results were
compared to patients not using sheepskin, the value of sheepskin becomes
obvious. Of the patients using sheepskin no new bed sores were seen and those
with bed sores were dramatically improved.