Bed Bugs Infestation, The Signs and Symptoms of Infestation

Do you know that there's a 90% probability that a famous hotel – a presidential or suite room in a five star hotel – may have bed bugs? Your favorite hotel may even have infestation too without you recognizing about it. So, you now ask, how would you recognize if you have it or no? What are the signs and symptoms of bed bugs infestation? If your hotel has it, what had better you do so that your home will not be infested when you get home?

Here are the usual signs and symptoms of infestation:

Bed Bug Rash

The first sign is itch. Bed bug rash beginnings with an itch but the rash will not be obvious yet when you feel the itch. The bitten are more itchy than mosquito bites. You will feel its sting while mosquito sucking your blood. The itch will only be felt an hour after the skin has been bitten. This is because of the anesthetics in their saliva. There are inject anticoagulant and anesthetics, to keep off blood clotting, before it will suck blood from your skin.

Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bug rash will come out an hour after you were pierced. Their rash appear only after some days or week from being bitten for some people. This depends on the body's reaction to chemicals being secreted by them.

How does it look like? Its starts with a single, small, red (from being inflamed) round, bump which look more bloated than mosquito rash. When it becomes visible, there look just be a single, swollen bump. Days afterward, it will multiply. This only means that the bugs are biting you. But for some people, its look like an in-line bite marks. This marks will be found on people who moves a lot when sleep. These bugs go back fast to their hiding place once they've detected any movement around them.

When you've a rash, discover it for some days. They are itchy even after days that the bed bug rash comes out. Also, it does not cure as fast as mosquito bite marks. It stays bloated for weeks.

Bed Bug Odor

Next sign to search after the rash appears is the bed bug odor. How does it aromas like?

Hotel with heavy infestation has this offensive, sweet-like, musty odor that releases. You may explore for this odor below the headboard and mattresses. If your hotel has a wooden chair or a sofa with crevices, smell them too know it. Hotels with minimal or light infestation, the odor is not easily detectable.

How to avoid infesting your house with hotel bed bugs

The nighttime before you check out, move out every item from your bag. Bed bugs are good hitchhikers. They can live on for years without food and if they caught in your baggage, and it can start an infestation in your home.

Assure your wooden items. Their like wooden items, cloth and paper. These are the material in which they make their habitat.

Spray on a water based insect killer around your bag. Shake off your clothes. Wipe your bath tub dry and put your items and clothings in there.They will not stay on tub crevices since a tub is made of ceramic or marbles and it usually gets wet.

For your used clothing, have it laundered before you leave for home. Think of, this is not a simple matter. Once your bedroom has been infested, it will circularize fast to neighboring rooms. Getting rid of bed bugs is a very bully job. You even need to throw away your bed and sofa to wipe your house clean from any trace of it.