Become an Alchemist


The alchemist.

Alchemy is very real if only we choose to see it.

* al • che • my
noun alal-kÉ ™ -m ""

: a science that was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold
: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

We have the ability to perform alchemy every day.Alchemy is very real. Maybe not in the sense of changing water to wine or copper to pure gold. However make no mistake, we have the ability to perform alchemy every day. If you think of it in terms of changing our surroundings or changing our minds and bodies, it becomes very real. How about when a child gets the Make a Wish Foundation dream, and that that which dreams of being every day before his time comes? You have in a very real sense changed his mental outlook, mental mapping, and life for good. I would argue in that sense, you are performing alchemy at some level. How about our ability to fight cancer? To use human ingenuity and develop chemicals or techniques that battle a horrible diagnosis.So how does this help us?

There will be days in your life where you will feel a little lost. You will feel the need to make a change, but you do not feel you can make the transformation. We all have those days. Fitness is no different. As a matter of fact, alchemy is easily applicable to fitness. By being consistent, mentally strong, and dedicated we can transform one form of our body to a completely new one. Too often in our society we let the words and passing opinions deter us from have the mindset that will allow us to reach new levels in our visions. New levels in our goals. What would it change for you to see yourself as an alchemist? How would that change your view of things if you knew you could transform things at will?

I personally believe in the ability to mentally put yourself in a position to make physical changes. I heard of one study in which a man with a split personality would actually physically change his eye color, depending on the personality he was currently in. Using the same train of thought but from a positive angle, it really makes you think about the possibility of pushing your own boundaries and capabilities in achieving your dreams. In a way that just because it's not the norm, and not everyone will agree, does not mean it is not effective and worth your time. I challenge you to look for examples of alchemy. I challenge you to reconsider the way you see the world, reconsider your ability to transform your mind, your body, and your goals. Alchemy is very real if only we choose to see it.

Live big, Dream bigger.

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