Beating Social Anxiety Disorder

It is extremely unpleasant to live a life with social anxiety disorder. Simple everyday things like buying milk, saying hello to new work colleges, or merely taking a stroll around the local neighborhood can prove to be difficult and highly stressful. Sufferers can feel intense fear in the presence of any other person, and feel trapped and shut off from the world.

In extreme cases, social anxiety disorder can escalate into a major condition known as agoraphobia. This is when a person has a general fear of people, and is extremely difficult to treat. Agoraphobia sufferers can not go out in public, and are most often confined to their homes. This is probably the most tragic exit of social anxiety disorder as opposed to suicide.

Although this article emphasizes much doom and gloom upon social phobia, much can be done to treat it and stop any possible advances of the condition. There are many prescription drugs available from doctors that include Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, and Benzodiazepines. Although these powerful drugs can prove effective in the treatment of the disorder, it is generally acknowledged that long term use is not 100% safe, nor preferred.

In the quest to find an alternative treatment to social anxiety disorder, many sufferers are turning to online help in the form of forums. Although these offer a lot of emotional support, online help forum often give mixed advice. From herbal cures, to misleading snake oils, the Internet has also become the number 1 marketplace for scam items.

In the hope of putting an end to scammers, former sufferers have started to sell their own personal methods of how they beat social anxiety disorder. These powerful, instantly downloadable, inexpensive eBooks are available on many websites, but quality and price varies.