Beat water retention

Looking for ways to beat water retention? Here are some tips to help you do just that. But first you need to realize a couple of things about water retention or edema. The first of these things is that water retention can take place due to a multitude of conditions – from less serious ones such as a slightly sedentary lifestyle, to much more serious ones like kidney problems. So different cases of edema can have different causes, even if symptom-wise they seem very similar. In some cases, as a matter of fact, the edema is the only immediately perceivable symptom of a far worse underlying problem that has yet to manifest itself. This is the reason why, if you are suffering from water retention, it is always safest to seek professional help and advice before undergoing any sort of treatment regimen, just to make sure that you are receiving the treatment you really need for your condition – and to make sure that you are really treating the root cause of the problem.

Firstly, doctors can recommend certain medicines based on their diagnosis of your condition. Should they discover, for instance, that your edema is due to a kidney problem, they can prescribe a medicine to help deal with that problem and eliminate it altogether. The bodies of those who suffer from kidney-issue-related water retention may be secreting too much of a certain hormone that makes the body retain both water and salt, thus leading to edema. Medicines that counteract this hormone may be available to manage or eliminate the edema.

Those who have been cleared by medical professionals, or who are under advisement by naturopaths or homeopathic experts, may elect to take natural substances instead, such as diuretics. Many of these substances are quite powerful, so powerful, as a matter of fact, that overuse can result in dehydration. So the advice and/or oversight of a professional may be necessary especially if the case is serious. Many natural substances are known to be diuretics, such as grape seed extract, dandelion, golden seal, gingko biloba, wintergreen, saw palmetto and mint. A wide variety of ways to ingest these substances is available. One may elect to buy preparations in tea form or capsule form, readily available in stores. One may choose to buy or pick raw herbs and concoct preparations oneself – they can be consumed by themselves or as part of a meal, whether in tea form or salad form. Of course this must only be done under the supervision of an expert, as many such herbs are very potent and may be too effective.

Lastly, those who are healthy enough can try to either fast, exercise more, or try a seemingly strange but effective solution: drinking more water. Fasting will stimulate the body to use more of its stored resources, including water. Exercising can have multiple benefits – increased fluid and salt loss through increased perspiration and breathing, better circulation, and higher metabolic rate. Lastly, increasing water intake (albeit not by too much) can help in those cases where edema is caused by low water intake and a resulting tendency of the body to hold on to the water it already has; better water intake can jolt the body back to its normal cycle.