Be Confident, Smart and Absolutely Charming – Getting Rid of Your Fear of Rejection


Few things hurt more in the world than rejection. People usually go through weeks of depression over big-time rejection. It could have been by someone that we wanted a romantic relationship or friendship with, the company we always wanted to be a part of, the school we’ve wanted to go to since we were young-all of these can be reasons for you to feel all the sorrow that’s lately been plaguing your days. A lot of us wouldn’t attempt something similar for fear of another, equally heartbreaking rejection. And who can blame them? Having something we always wanted crash and burn on the ground is really a painful thing, and sometimes you feel ashamed as much as you feel sad. But should that stop you from taking a stab at opportunities that come your way? Of course not!

This phobia can cause you to miss out on the best opportunities in your life. And when you feel that this is hurting your interests in a bad way, you should learn ways to get over it. Here are a few that may just change your life for the better:

Being independent really works for boosting confidence. Having a lot of close friends is great, but relying on them too much for achieving great things can hamper your development. So always remember to create that private corner for yourself where you can develop to your fullest potential. It will not only make you a more complete person, but it will also help you stand on your two feet.

Taking baby steps in losing that fear of rejection is also good because drastic changes like that aren’t really supposed to be rushed. Try to make a list out of your fears, especially the people you fear rejection from. And after that, write down records of your past rejections and how you reacted to them. Looking at things analytically can really help you solve a lot of problems, this included. Thinking up better alternative responses is a great way to go when you want to improve your life.

A lot of people fear rejection because they are expecting too much in return. Instead, learn not to expect and just be yourself, whatever the consequences of your actions may be. Focus on achievable goals and not things that are completely out of your hands. Immersing yourself in situations like this immunizes you from fear of rejection.