Be Alert If Your Child Says Mommy, My Back Hurts!

People of all ages and sizes have at some time along the way experienced back pain. This frequently goes unnoticed in children and teens, but should not be. It is not normal for young children and teens to have these issues, but any painful situation ought to be considered serious.

In most instances, when a child frets of back discomfort, the pediatrician instantly does an entire work-up. If anything looks questionable, an MRI or X-ray is arranged. Contingent on the results from these tests, a specialist may be referred. If issues are handled early, additional damage to the area may be prevented.

The cause of your child's ache may be varied because of his or her age.

Usually older children do activities that are more strenuous and may cause strain and stress on their back, most times this is not serious.

However, most younger kids are not as physically active, so if he or she complains of back pain a doctor's visit is in order, right away. Ruling out any serious conditions is important. Especially if there were no recent injuries or signs of an old injury causing pain.

Sometimes we as parents do not consider the fact that the problem may be our child's backpack.

Most children carry and pack it improperly, in addition to making it entirely too heavy. This can certainly lead to discomfort.

We never considered that an item designed to help make carrying items for students would in fact be the source of lower back pain in children. If it is too heavy it compromises how the student walks and causes incorrect posture which also results in neck, back and shoulder pain.

Here are a few backpack tips …

It should distribute weight evenly and not be too heavy for your
child's weight. The straps should be large enough with padding to give ample support.

There are varying sizes of backpacks available. Select the proper size for your child's weight and stature.

Learn how to pack it correctly and teach your child. There is a method to doing this.

So if your child, no matter what age expresses distress, make an appointment with your doctor to determine just what is going on. Back pain is very debilitating and can interfere with concentration during school.

So stay on the safe side by knowing how to fit your child properly with the correct type of backpack, pack it correctly and take your child's comments seriously if he or she complains of pain.