Battery main elements impact on human health


Cadmium is an element that human not need, the body cadmium is uptaking from the external environment and then accumulation through the respiratory tract and the digestive tract after birth. The clinical manifestations of chronic poisoning is emphysema, bone changes and anemia.Japan found that some regions have the occurrence of pain patients due to long-term consumption the contaminated, high cadmium content rice and water.The main lesion is osteomalacia, The pain began lower extremity,and then throughout the body until the bedridden.

Chromate dust and chromic acid mist can cause nasal septum, part of the long-term contact patients’ symptoms include headache, weight loss, digestive disorders and gastrointestinal ulcers, mild renal injury.Carcinogenic chromium is increasingly attracting attention,ferrochrome smelting workers lung disease rate higher than that of other occupations.

Nickel usually from dietary intake, are considered to be induced lung cancer and nasal sinus cancer.Abroad have reported that nickel-induced lung cancer incidence have worked an average of 27 years.Nickel poisoning mainly caused respiratory damage,severe cases will be vague or unconscious mind,concurrent myocardial damage

Mercury is fat soluble. Through the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system. Mercury is found in various tissues and organs, mainly in the liver, enters the body after 2 weeks, 85% – 90% of the mercury deposited in the kidneys, the main symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning is easily excited disease, tremor, stomatitis. Symptoms of mild poisoning is neurasthenic syndrome, autonomic dysfunction, and the impatience, irritability, crying, etc.when severe poisoning occurs the obvious personality changes, affective disorder, mental deterioration.
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Intake of lead, mainly through food, drink and atmosphere.U.S. study suggests that the increase in human blood lead concentrations, lead to a corresponding increase in the degree of negative impact on health.Because lead can not easily be excreted, so it affects the kidneys, liver, nervous system and blood-forming organs, increasing blood pressure (increase the risk of heart attack in the middle-aged), renal function and interference with reproductive function, and irreversible brain damage. High blood lead levels can cause behavioral problems of children, low IQ and concentration difficulties

Manganese is an essential trace element the human body, but excessive absorption can lead to poisoning. Manganese can enter through the respiratory tract,also can be entered by the digestive tract. Liver is the main accumulation organ manganese, excessive exposure manganese accumulation in the central nervous system, which discharges slower than other organs