Bathing with Shower

Bathing is an integral part of human life and it is an activity which is entangled with the very mode of human existence. It is the means by which it is possible for every individual to keep oneself clean and maintain proper hygiene. Bathrooms are separate zones available in every house or apartment which is dedicated to this ritual of bathing and at present all modern bathrooms are provided with the facility of taking a bath with the aid of showers. Showers are the commonest modes used for bathing in the contemporary world and showers are devices through which the water is directed in the form of a spray to reach the different parts of the body. Showers may contain warm or cold water and taking a bath in a shower is usually accompanied by the usage of soaps, shampoos or shower gels which are used along with water to keep the external part of the body clean and free of infections and ailments.

It is interesting to note that there are various historical evidences that prove the usage of showers in ancient times. Prominent examples include the murals and vases associated to the Greek civilizations. It is also necessary to point out that in the contemporary world, the act of bathing in a bathtub has been greatly replaced by the practice of showering as a form of bathing. One of the reasons that have contributed to this may be because modern day apartments always have space crunch and under such conditions the shower is a better and efficient arrangement compared to a bathtub which may occupy larger area. Showers are not only used for bathing and rinsing the body but also for leisure and wellness. Moreover, for the elderly people and also for those who suffer from physical disabilities, showering for bath is an easier option. Showering involves the pouring of water in different parts of the body. This is followed by the usage of various supplements like shower gels and shampoos to remove the dirt and then again shower the body to complete the bathing procedure.

Showers may be of various kinds. Some showers are attached to the bathtub while free standing showers are very common. Usually, each bathroom has a separate zone dedicated to showers and it is separated from the rest of the bathroom by means of a shower curtain. The shower head contains various nozzles through which the water ours out in the form of a spray in the different parts of the body.