Bat Poison – Not a Good Idea

Bat poison might seem like a good plan to get rid of bats. It works for insects and mice, so why not bats? Well, for starters, bat poison and using pesticides against bats is illegal. Breaking the law to solve your bat problems is probably not a good idea. Aside from that, it can create a higher chance that they will get into your living space and come in contact with your family, which increases the danger to your family when it comes to having bats in the house. All in all, poison does not seem to be a good answer to bat removal.

If not bat poison, then what can get rid of bats? The best option for bat removal is to call a professional pest control company or wildlife specialist that deals specifically with bats. They will be able to inspect your home, find the problems, and figure out how the bats are getting in and out. Then, they will seal up any entry points with the exception of one or two and install bat control devices in those last openings. The control devices provide a means for the bats to exit the home, but do not allow them to get back in when they return. Defeated, they will return to the wild to find a new place to nest.

Once all the bats are thought to be out of your home, another inspection will ensure that they are actually gone. Then, the professional service will seal all of the holes that still exist, keeping the bats out for good. Most services will offer a guarantee with their bat removal process that usually lasts for two to three years. That way, you can trust that the bats are out of your home and that they will not come back. However, after a few years, it's likely that age and wear could create new problems in your home, which is why you should keep up on the maintenance. Watch for any cracks or gaps that are even inch inch big, because that's all the space that bats need to get into your attic.

Bat poison is not an effective solution for bat control. It is much better and more highly recommended to humanely release them back to the outdoors and then seal up your home to keep them out for good. If you ever considered buying bat poison to get rid of bats, you can now understand why there are better ways to do things. Even if you do not poison them only because it's illegal, at least you are doing the right thing by releasing the bats back into the wild.