Bass Fishing With Subsurface Plugs

On the market today there exist numerous lures in the category of subsurface plugs. These lures are hard-bodied baits that run from a few feet to as much as thirty feet benefit the surface. In this article I will give you a brief overview of subsurface plugs and then explain the four major types, and lastly recommend some good one's to try on your next bass outing.

Subsurface plugs are designed to be retrieved quite quickly, and most have a built-in wobble that helps them resemble swimming baitfish.

For largemouth bass, subsurface plugs will typically be three to six inches in length. There are four major types:

Minnow Plugs: These lures are long and thin-bodied and have a small lip that gives them a tight wiggle. Some minnow plugs will have long lips that allow them to run deeper.

Vibrating Plugs: With the attachment eye on the back, these sinking plugs have tight vibrating action that fish can detect even in low-clarity water.

Crankbaits: On these lures, a plastic or metal lip creates the wobble. Most crankbaits have a short, aerodynamic body. With these plugs, there comes a choice of short and long lip for different depth options, the longer it is the defect it will go.

Trolling Plugs: These hard-to-cast plugs are a good choice for covering expanses of water. Most have flattened foreheads that give them a wide, enticing wobble.

Here are some plugs you may want to try on your next time out bass fishing:

· Minnow Plug-Smithwick Suspending Pro Rogue
· Vibrating Plug-Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
· Crankbait-Bomber Model A
· Trolling Plug-Buck's Baits Spoonplug

Tips up,

Jeremy Battis