Basic Types of Training Aids

Basically, training aids could either be written or visual materials which help in the proper execution of the training method you have selected. There exists four basic types of training items, these include training manuals, multimedia programs, flipchart or whiteboards and transparencies. These materials have a slew of important functions. One major purpose of such items is that it helps focus the audience’s attention on the topic currently being discussed via a visual representation of the material. Training materials also strengthen a learner’s interest by making the material graphically enticing. Also, such aids help a learner retain more by engaging not just their sense of seeing but also their sense of hearing or touch. Training materials also offer convenient access to activities and exercises.

A multimedia training packet includes either visual or audio materials. Examples of these include Powerpoint presentations, video or film, web pages, Shockwave, Flash. Though these specific formats could possess equipment restrictions and would demand a bit of technological knowledge on the part of the trainer, such multimedia formats could be stimulating and are able to present concepts which regular paper may not. Another type of training aid are training materials. Usually, these work best in formal training situations and could even function as a reliable source of information. Samples of training manuals include workbooks, reference manuals guides, job aids and handouts. Training manuals help learners learn information at their own pace. It also removes the need for them to memorize or take down notes.

Training items are difficult to create as one needs to make them as interesting to look at as possible. For highly effective training aids, the following are a few suggestions: utilize both small and large fonts, use a different type of font for headings, display information visually rather than just through text.