Basic Toenail Care for Men

There are good reasons to care for your feet at all times. They are needed in good order each and every day. Having sore feet for any reason is never fun, and can be very restrictive. So care for the feet is important and does not take long if done regularly.

Clean toenails are essential for good healthy feet. Clean them regularly with a brush. Toenails usually do not get as dirty as fingernails, but nevertheless keep them clean with regular scrubbing.

Keep the toenails trimmed weekly using with toenail clippers or a pair of toenail scissors. Do not use a carving knife to trim your toenails, unless you have the skills and control, otherwise there will be blood! Take care to cut only the nail and trim the tips flat and use an emery board to file the sides to a comfortable length. Do not trim too deep – leave about one eight of an inch (or 3 mm) of nail. Check the toenails for any fungus because this may cause nails to become discolored, misshapen and ultimately painful. The cause is either from wearing poor fitting shoes or untreated athlete’s foot. Treat the fungus with a prescriptive treatment from your doctor. There are natural remedies available, and some work, but the best treatment is to avoid the fungus by making sure that all your shoes are of a correct fit.

Check toes for any other problems, like ingrown toenails and other dermatitis type skin irritations. See your doctor for ingrown toenails and get the correct treatment, because they can become very painful and make walking a chore. Hospitalization can result if left untreated for a long time. Skin irritations can usually be treated with ointment from a chemist or pharmacy – if the irritation persists, you know the drill, see the doctor!

Foot odor may be a problem in the summer months. Use a foot powder to control the smell – it is not a good thing for your friends and family. There are many available, During the colder times, feet may dry out and become rough. If this is a problem, use a pumice stone to rub the soles of the feet and apply a lotion if they are really troublesome.

Healthy foot care will make your partner happy!

The basic tools required for good toenail care can be found in most manicure sets. These sets are available from reputable health, chemist and pharmacy shops as well as online retailers. The better manicure set components are made from stainless steel.