Bariatric Surgery – The Best Way To Fight Obesity


Obesity is excess proportion of total body fat. It is a clinical condition in which the natural energy reserve stored in the fatty tissues exceeds healthy limits. The general social outlook towards obesity has changed a lot from time to time. In early times, obesity was associated with strength, physical attractiveness, fertility, wealth and social status in several cultures which where to food shortage and famines. However, with time the views towards obesity changed and in the recent times it is regarded as unattractive and of a lower socio-economic status. Obesity is now seen more as a medical condition and even referred to as an epidemic.

There are plenty of ways that could help one get rid of this medical condition. Some of the faster and more effective ways are working out, eating breakfast, drinking enough water, sufficient fiber diets and having the right kind of snacks. Exercising is an essential and fast way of losing excess weight. This working out could range from taking a fast walk for at least an hour to doing a fully mechanized gym workout. The intensity and frequency of the workout needs to increase with time. There's a common myth that skipping meals help in weight loss. But skipping breakfast is probably the biggest mistake one can make. After waking up from sleep, the body conserves energy as it does not know if and when food will be consumed again. Intake of food at that instant, that is having breakfast, signals the body that food is available, thus increasing the metabolism rate which affects burning fat.

Water has a lot of health benefits. One of them is that it works as a hunger suppressant. More fiber diet also helps in the same way. It fills up and makes one feel less hungry. Moreover, it cleanses up the system too. Having lots of small meals rather than having three large meals is alright. But special care needs to be taken on the type of small meals or snacks that one consumes. These snacks should never be chocolates, burgers etc. Rather dry fruits, nuts etc. when consumed during the day would help to reduce weight.

All these methods can certainly be applied for a fast weight loss but it becomes very difficult to maintain them. The point is not just to lose weight but to keep the weight in control. Bariatric surgery or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band is a better and effective way not only for controlling obesity but also for maintaining the weight. So what is this surgery all about? Well, Bariatric surgery or LAGB or Gastric Banding is the only adjustable and reversible weight loss procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. LAGB restricts the amount of food consumption and also produces an earlier sense of fullness. It helps one to get satisfied with smaller proportions of food. It does not require an intestinal surgical procedure and allows the patient to resume normal life within a couple of days of the treatment. This has helped millions of people worldwide to safely reduce weight and maintain it. Research has revealed that the gastric band works even better than a 500 calorie diet.

So no more long hard workouts and diet controls are necessary any more. Bariatric surgery is here to take care of the obesity threat.