Bamboo Greenhouses For Philippine Flowers


You can take gardening and farming to the next level and consciously build your greenhouses to be as green as they could be. Philippine flower farms can construct greenhouses in bamboo! Yes, bamboo! Not those tall, rigid, imposing steel structures, not even concrete, not even hard wood. You use bamboo and you do not cut trees!


Prevents global warming: Greenhouses made entirely out of bamboo captures carbon dioxide and stores it. This is because planted bamboo gets CO2 from the atmosphere. When a plant breathes in CO2 and exhales O2, the plant takes the C-carbon atom and converts it into plant matter through photosynthesis, storing the carbon in the plant. When the plant dies and decays, the carbon is eaten by bacteria or insects. The greenhouses could then be seen as a carbon sink, storing the carbon in the bamboo poles.

Grows 3-7 times faster than trees: Bamboo is not a tree. It is a grass. The fastest growing bamboo can grow up to 4 feet a day!

Extremely strong: Bamboo has twice the compression strength of concrete and roughly the same strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Imagine that! Bamboo poles are able to withstand strong winds and earthquakes.

Weather, termite and mold resistant: Bamboo greenhouses are naturally designed and treated with natural elements to be weather, termite and mold resistant. Bamboo poles for example can be treated with non-toxic borates to prevent termite and powder post beetle infestations as well as decaying fungi. Borates have been used internationally for the past 60 years as a safe and effective treatment to stop insects and decay.


You can make greenhouses entirely out of bamboo. You do not even have to use nails or screws! The bamboo poles are held together by bamboo pegs. And then you can use stones and pebbles for pathways. Also ensure that you design and position the greenhouses to ensure the least use of energy for your crops. Bamboo buildings should use natural ventilation, and rely on the direction, strength or gentleness of winds. With this, you eliminate the need for energy-powered fans. Not only these, you can design your bamboo poles to harvest rainwater, which in turn, you can use to irrigate your plants.