Bald is Beautiful

Most guys go through at least one phase growing up where they shave their heads. Maybe it was a dare, a team ritual or punishment for losing a bet. But as you got older, the fear of losing your hair may have turned into a full-blown reality. Some guys embrace their baldness and readily whip out the razor blade, while others try to deny the existence of the rapidly thinning area in the back of their head or the telltale receding hairline. But something interesting has happened … bald became sexy.

Even guys with full heads of hair are turning to the shaved head look. If you're thinning, you really do not have a whole lot of options (you're not fooling anyone) but take heart, look at how many girls would kill to take Chris Daughtry's wife's place by his side (yeah, we all know that will not last but anyway …) and then there's Bruce Willis. Do not get me started. But fully folllicled guys, just make sure this is what you want to do before you get shave happy.

The pros:

  • You look like a bad a **
  • No hair to shampoo
  • No crazy looking morning after hair
  • Girls will want to touch your re-growth
  • You'll get notified where you go

The cons:

  • You might have a funny shaped head
  • You still have to condition your scalp and take care of your skin
  • You have to shave it frequently otherwise you look like a baby bird
  • Your head will sunburn more easily / you'll have to wear a hoodie or beanie hat on cold days
  • Girls you do not want attention from may want to touch your re-growth

Before you start shaking, you'll need the right tools and products. Fortunately there are several companies who have taken on the baldness cause, creating cool products that make getting a smooth, even shave a breeze and help you keep it that way.


Get a close, easy shave with the HeadBlade Classic. Here's how it works: slip your middle finger through the loop (up to around the second knuckle) making sure the HeadBlade is nested palm-side. Rest the HeadBlade on your scalp (make sure the back 'pad' is always in contact with your scalp). Now take a long smooth stroke using no pressure. Uses Gillette Atra Plus, Schick Ultrex, and HB TripleBlade blades.

Matte or Glossy? It's up to you

Do not want a shiny head? Get HeadBlade Lotion Matte … or if you want your head so shiny others can see their reflections on it this product also comes in Glossy. After hours of testing sheen, shine, and reflection using photographic equipment the folks at HeadBlade created a great product that moisturizes your scalp without leaving behind a heavy shine. HeadLube Matte almost magically disappears leaving your head clean and feeling fresh without the use of dyes and perfumes.

Protect and shave

What you use to shave your head is just as important as the tool you use. Body Tools shave cream with tea tree oil and oleo, linolin, apricot kernel oil and vitamins A & C is a cooling, refreshing cleanser while giving you a smooth shave.

For sensitive skin and especially for hair re-growth, Jack Black Beard Lube (yes, you can use it on your head), works as a pre-shave to soften and prepare the stubble, then as a shave cream with Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Glycerin for a close shave and as an after shave with Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Menthol to refresh the skin. Pick it up at Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora.

Shaving your head

So it's time to get real. When you're ready to do the deed, follow these steps from Dr. Steve May, the founder of Body Tools, and you're on your way to becoming one cool bald dude.

1: Before shaving your head for the first time, be sure to trim your hair with scissors before shaving – do not just take a razor to longer strands. This ensures a closer and most importantly, an easier head shave.

2: Be sure to shave your head after a warm shower. The heat and water make hair softer and easier to cut, which reduces the likelihood of razor bumps and unsightly ingrown hairs. Apply a generous dollop of a moisturizing shave cream or gel like Body Tools Shave Cream with tea tree oil and aloe and massage it into your scalp for a few minutes, allowing the product to soften hair even more.

3: Use a new blade each time you shave your head. Shave against the grain and use slow, even strokes without applying pressure to the scalp. Rinse the blade frequently to ensure that the blades are not clogged with lather and hair.

4: After shaving, rinse well to remove all product and check your head out carefully in the mirror for any spots that you might have missed. Finally, apply a soothing aftershave and / or moisturizer like Body Tools SPF 15 after Shave Repair & Protect to your scalp to keep ingrowns at bay. Regardless of the product you choose, be sure that it contains sunscreen – a peeling head is never attractive!

After your head is all smooth, you'll need to maintain it. Bald Guyz® Head Wipes clean the natural oils that are secreted from the pores of the head. Green tea extract, vitamin E and natural emollients leave the head feeling smooth and soft.

Without hair, your scalp takes a beating. Bald Guyz Moisture Gel provides extreme moisturizing and soothing properties for sensitive skin, is excellent for after shaving, or to replace the moisture lost from the powerful rays of the sun which can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. Bald Guyz Moisture Gel combines green tea extract; Aloe Vera, vitamin E and vitamin A that help soothe, moisturize and protect sensitive skin. When used after shaving, our Moisture Gel reduces irritation and helps eliminate razor bumps.