Bad Stomach Gas? How to Cure Excessive Or Severe Stomach Gas

Were you aware that the real cause of excessive bad stomach gas is completely different from what you expect in fact in over 85% of the population chronic bloating and digestive problems are directly linked to a fungal growth known as candida. Find out today why this is as well as what you can immediately begin doing to cure excessive or severe stomach gas in 3 steps.


#1. Stop the Junk! Literally, any processed food is dead food, if you have any type of digestive problem the first thing you need to do is eliminate all the problematic foods which can create this situation to begin with, most notably refined foods. This means eating whole foods like fresh fruits & vegetables, cooking your own grains and only eating fresh wild fish and organic fresh meats. By doing all this you relieve stress on the digestive system and can actually get somewhere, instead of always trying little things and not placing effort on actually helping yourself.


#2. Digestive Enzymes: If you’re suffering from bad stomach gas then odds are the problem begins with improper digestion in the stomach. To solve this you can use digestive enzymes to help absorb more nutrients while also using betaine to increase stomach acid to ensure better breakdown of food (Stomach acid is a good thing, unlike what drug companies are trying to make you believe).


#3. Candida Cleanse: This is a yeast that lives inside all of us and creates an abundance of fermentation when it multiplies, otherwise known as gas! This also applies pressure to release the gas, a great deal of which can travel up as many candida sufferers have impacted colons. This is what creates the stomach gas to occur. The more candida grows the more gas and digestive problems you’ll experience in addition to a huge list of other symptoms commonly experienced from it. The bottom line is once you clear out candida your digestive problems will end, in addition to all the other health problems you have been experiencing with no known cause!