Bad Breath in Morning vs. Bad Breath Caused By Stomach Problems

It is very probable that anyone suffering from chronic constipation is also experiencing bad breath or halitosis. If this is the case a colon cleanse is in order,  and continuing to eat mints, chew on gum and rinse with mouthwashes will only temporarily cover up the underlying internal problem. If you are a long time sufferer of chronic constipation and digestive upset and you cleanse your bowels but still are experiencing bad breath, then a detoxification may be in order.

The herb cardamom is a temporary Ayurvedic treatment for bad breath. Cardamom contains a potent antiseptic called cineole proven to kill bacteria that causes bad breath. Most people just chew the seeds and then spit them out. Bad breath herbs also consist of Eucalyptus and Parsley. Eucalyptus also contains cineole and Parsley is a rich source of the plant pigment chlorophyll.

That brings us to the number one best way to get rid of bad breath caused by stomach problems. If you suffer from chronic bad breath, most likely you are also suffering from dysbiosis of your colon and stomach. Bad breath reasons can also stem from a deficiency of digestive enzymes and undigested food particles sitting in both your stomach and intestines putrefying and creating a buildup of bacteria. Chlorophyll is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promotes new tissue growth and relieves gas and bloating, thus eliminating bad breath. Chlorella is made up of 58% protein, and contains carbohydrates, all of the B vitamins, vitamin C and E, amino acids and trace minerals. The chlorophyll in chlorella helps cleanse the blood stream, thereby eliminating the buildup of toxins and their offending odors, leading to fresher smelling breath.

Breath mints, gum and mouthwashes will “mask” bad breath or halitosis in a pinch, but they do not treat the underlying cause of the problem. You will have to continually suck on mints, chew gum or use mouthwash to coverup your chronic halitosis temporarily. Keep in mind these just mask the underlying problem of toxin buildup, and do nothing to treat the underlying problem of bad breath in the first place. If you truly want to treat your halitosis (bad breath) the only effective way is to treat your system from the inside through the use of chlorophyll, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Only by restoring normal bacterial flora within your gut can you eliminate bad breath in morning and chronic bad breath caused by stomach problems.