Bacterial Food Poisoning

The feeling of a rumbling stomach followed by nausea, vomiting, cramping and diarrhea hours after a scrumptious meal is unfortunately an all too common one. This type of sickness is brought on by  food  and is referred to as  food   poisoning . While this is a common condition and usually a fairly mild one,  food   poisoning  can, in some cases, lead to serious illness and even death.

Types of Bacteria Found On Food

 Poisoning  occurs when consumed  food  was not properly stored, prepared or cooked. There is no fool-proof way of detecting if bacteria is on food, so extreme vigilance should be taken in regards to its preparation.   Poisoning  can happen when  food  is cooked at home or by friends and family or it can occur at any restaurant. Even fine dining establishments that charge large amount of money for each dish can end up serving food with bacteria on it.

There are various forms of bacteria that cause  poisoning  from  food . Some of the biggest bacterial offenders are:

o E-Coli-this bacteria is possibly the most common source of  poisoning . E-Coli naturally resides in the lower intestines of healthy humans and animals but can cause illness when transferred to meat or vegetables and ingested. Washing and cooking food thoroughly will kill this bacteria.

o Botulism-this disease is caused after a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum produces the toxin Botulin. Botulism is often found in canned foods and It can only be destroyed at high temperatures. If a can ever appears to bulging with air, it might contain Botulin. Cooking food at high temperatures is very important to keep Botulism at bay is very important.

o Salmonella-this bacteria is generally found in meat, eggs and egg containing products and seafood. As with the other previously mentioned causes of  poisoning , Salmonella can only be killed at high temperatures. Thus eating raw foods such as sushi or cookie dough can increase the likely hood of acquiring Salmonella. Unlike the other bacteria mentioned, Salmonella can have long term effects. In some cases, Salmonella never fully disappears from the body.

o Campylobacter-this bacteria is found in undercooked or raw meat and poultry, unpasteurized milk and untreated water.

 Food   poisoning  usually occurs due to the neglect of the person preparing the  food . It is not hard to avoid poisonous bacteria if all foods are properly cooked. If a restaurant serves undercooked  food  that results in  poisoning  and did not properly warn their guests about the risks associated with raw  food  prior to ordering, they might be held liable for damages.

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