Back to School, Depression

A student feels depressed in school for many reasons, some of them are:-

  1. There are colleagues who bully me
  2. I don’t feel confident among my peers
  3. There is a teacher who don’t like me
  4. I have no friends
  5. There are students who are better than me and I like to be the best
  6. My heart is broken because my crush is seeing another person

Depression symptoms are as following:-

  1. You feel you want to sleep and never wake up
  2. You feel you want to keep playing games unstoppably
  3. You feel your stomach start aching
  4. You listen to sorrow songs and start crying
  5. You forget to eat or take a bath
  6. You feel lonely and misunderstood by others
  7. You might feel that you want to commit suicide

School is the first place to help you learn how to be professional doing something that’s why you must have a future vision so that school can be a help for you and here comes the answer for your depression, let me begin telling you my story.

I never had a future vision when I graduate from school till my dad convinced me that engineering college is a reputable college to graduate from. Since then I drew a future vision to graduate from engineering which helped me a lot with my depression.

I started drawing a future vision for myself to be an engineer, the grades at school that I should get to join engineering college, which university I will graduate from and what will be my career after having a job and every little detail for my life after I graduate from engineer college.

Everything around me was the same but what made me happier going to school was the vision I drew to myself, this helped me decrease my depression.

The same go for you in the following:-

  • If you feel depressed when your vacation comes to an end
  • If you feel that school forces you to do homework that you don’t like
  • If you feel that you must study hard subjects that you don’t like
  • If you feel that school compel your lifestyle

Then what you need to do is to have a huge vision after you graduate from school to join the college of your dreams.

This vision can be to join a certain college, to join a certain university, to be professional in something, to be successful in life, you name it.

To have a vision and work towards it will help you look that homework will make you study hard, will make you feel that every class is an added value for you, and will help you feel excited to start a new school year.

You just need a huge vision to work for so that you don’t feel depression.