Back Pain – Treatments For Lower Back Pain

I can remember some time back being lectured to about factors that do not bode well with man as the ultimate species within the evolutionary cycle.

These factors do confer advantages but unfortunately have at the same time introduced serious weaknesses which do result in back pain.

Factor 1 . Man, by virtue of his evolution from being a four-legged animal to a two-legged and upright one has imparted weaknesses on the body especially in the lower back region. Any mishap there often results in back-pain.

Factor 2. Man is bilaterally symmetrical. That means that s / he has a body form that is divided into matching equal right / left halves. We can get to this symmetry by drawing an imaginary line from head to toes. This would result in the right half being the mirror image of the left.

The salient point here is that this factor has again introduced weaknesses.A good example of the effects of this symmetry will suffice here and it goes like this:

The spine lies very centrally between the 2 sides of the body at the back and is ably supported by muscles, bones etc. Any extra work by muscles on the right side would make that side stronger and be much more developed than the other side.

This inequality in the spine-body parts creates pressure which when applied on the spine causes strain. This results in back pain. For proper functioning of the body, an equilibrium must be maintained between the two sides. Any interference of that equilibrium results in lower back pain.

As stated above, most of us will suffer from back-pain at some time of our lives. We do suffer from lumbago which is one of the most common and painful back-ache conditions.

Over-exertion of the body causes lumbago, and so does poor posture when both standing and sitting and also when lifting heavy objects improperly.

Sciatica is another and a much more serious occurrence. It is a very crippling condition resulting in serious disabilities that on occasions necessitates surgery.

Sciatica is basically a symptom of damage to the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back (lumbar region) to the toes. This damage is due to (i) a decompression in one or more of the spinal inter-vertebral discs and (ii) a pinched sciatic nerve. Of course we as sufferers do know the excruciating pain that normally ensues.

It is very important that if you do suffer from such pain that you do know what you can do to ease the aches.

1. Anti-inflammatory medication is used to lower the swelling of the affected muscles. Reducing the swelling results in the reduction of the pain.

2. Injecting the affected area with cortisone and the use of electrical stimulation therapy are common treatments.

3. Exercise : You must do this for the relief of long-term pain.

4. Back stretches: When you do these, you will strengthen your lower back muscles. You must avoid any movement that puts undue pressure on the lower back and joints.

5. Hot and cold treatments: Use ice and hot packs alternately to apply heat and cold to the affected area.

What now follows are treatment that you can do at home.

Home remedies.

It is necessary to point out that such remedies only help you manage the pain and are not cures for the condition.

i. Celery and potatoes . Both of those foods are good at preventing and managing back pain.

ii. Ayurveda : According to Ayurvedic principals, gas is one of the major causes of pain. The remedy here is to use raw garlic to help to expel gas.

iii. Massage : You must massage the affected area with a mixture of vegetable oil and garlic.

iv. Sleeping arrangement s: Use a comfortable mattress to sleep on.

v. Sitting arrangements : If your job involves sitting for extended periods of time, you must use a comfortable chair that accommodates the natural curves of your spine

What I tried to give you are some of the many treatments that are available both within the world of medicine and your home.

Little things like adopting good postures when sitting and standing and even when lifting objects are practices that you must always use. You must also practice regular exercise and eating healthily.

Putting many of those practices into force would go very far towards ensuring that you do live a comfortable and pain-free or pain-controlled life.