Back Pain FAQ to Relieve Your Backache

Back ache is among the most common physical problems encountered by people these days. The urban lifestyle is to be blamed for this problem to a large extent. Back aches result in extreme pain in the upper, middle, and lower back areas. When this problem catches you, you may not know what to approach for help. Back pain FAQ can answer many of your questions regarding pain in the back.

Symptoms Of Back Ache

You will know that you are facing a back problem if there is a pain in any region of the back, hips, or waist; stiffness in the back; pain, weakness, or lack of sensation in legs or feet; excruciating pain in neck or upper back area; or persistent pain that causes anxiousness, depression, or mood swings. Back Pain FAQ resource contains all other symptoms relating back ache.

Type & Causes Of Back Ache

Back ache can be broadly divided into two categories: acute backache and chronic backache. It could be a constant pain or pain interrupting at intervals. Acute backache is generally caused by minor or major injuries such as falling, jerking, lifting heavy objects, road accident, and spinal injury due to accident or displacement of a vertebral disk. Chronic backache is caused due to various factors which persist in the body. Its main causes are: spondylosis, slipped disk, constant wrong posture, pregnancy, lumbago, etc. But all pains relating to the back, originate from any of these:

1. The bones and ligaments of the spine
2. Muscles and tendons sustaining the back
3. Nerves of the spinal cord
4. Any other internal organ

Treatment Of Back Ache

The most important Back Pain FAQ for people suffering from backache is about the treatment for the problem. Following will prove to be very beneficial in proper management and relief from the problem.

1. Maintain a correct posture, while at work and home. Sit erect, as much as possible.
2. Exercise regularly. Any kind of back pain can be controlled with regular exercise. The exercise does not have to be really hard.
3. During times of acute back pain, use heat and ice packs.
4. For immediate relief, you can use analgesics, available over the counter.
5. Physiotherapy using heat, ultrasound waves, etc. can tie back pain to a great extent.

When To See Your Doctor

Following the above remedies can take care of back problem to a large extent. However, if the problem persists and is so acute that it refrains you from doing your routine work, you must see a doctor. Some serious concerns are weakness, backache with ache in legs, stinging sensation in legs or backache, when one should immediately meet a doctor. In several cases surgery may be recommended.

Equipped with the information revealed through a back pain FAQ, one can effectively deal with the problem. However, it can be claimed all along by maintaining correct posture and a regular exercise regimen.