Back Pain Causes and Natural Remedies That Work

Back pain or dorsalgia is a pain originating from the backbone or spinal column. Our spine is actually a complex and intricate network of nerves, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. When any of these parts constituting our spine, get inflicted due to any one of the numerous reasons, the outcome is backache.

It is one of the most common ailments that cause a human to see a doctor frequently. Due to an interconnection between the nerves, tendons, bones and ligaments making up our spine, and also their connection with the veins and tissues in other parts of our body, the back pain may often radiate in to the leg, foot, arms and hand.

Our spinal column may be divided in to sections like cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic. Pain in the back may cover all the sections or any one of the sections. The pain may be in the form of a dull ache, burning sensation or piercing pain. The pain may be accompanied by symptoms like numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation.


1. On the basis of the affected section of the spine, back pain may be classified in to neck pain, upper backache, lower backache and tailbone pain. This type of classification is known as anatomical classification.

2. On the basis of the duration of pain, backache may be classified in to acute (less than 4 weeks), sub acute (4-12 weeks), chronic (more than 12 weeks).

3. On the basis of etiology, backache may be classified in to non specific backache and secondary backache. There is no serious underlying pathological reason for non specific back pain. This is the most common type; whereas in the case of secondary back pain, the root of the pain lies in critical, associated pathological conditions such as metastatic cancer, spinal osteomyelitis, epidural abscess, hemiated disc, and degenerative disc disease.


1. Muscle strains in skeletal muscles

2. Muscle spasm

3. Muscle imbalances

4. Shortening of core muscles

5. Capsule tissue damage

6.   Displacement  of intra-articular tissues or fibro-adipose meniscoids.

7. Spinal disc hermiation

8. Isthmic spondylolisthesis or degenerative disc disease

9. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease

10. Spinal stenosis

11. Traumatic bone fracture or spinal fracture

12. Infection of bones.

Also stress and emotional turbulence have catalytic impact on back pain.

Certain useful herbs like chamomile, willow bark extracts, rosemary extracts etc, and herbal massage oils like Rumatone Gold oil may be used as an alternative and simultaneous treatment form.