Back Injuries in the Office

Perhaps one of the most common injuries that people tend to associate with being hurt at work would be a back injury. Because the back is used in so many movements of the body, especially in lifting, it can be injured often. This is even more likely to happen when people are lifting heavy objects or are not used to lifting things or are not in very good physical shape.

Back injuries can result from a variety of causes. The back can be injured by a single act of lifting an object that is too heavy or lifting something the wrong way. This seems to be what most people think of when they picture back injuries at the workplace. Certainly, lifting one extremely heavy object can lead to a bad back problem.

Back problems do not have to result from a single act, though. Repetitive action can lead to back problems over time, and this is often overlooked. Most people think that if they are asked to do something at work that does not hurt the first few times they do it, that they will be safe from injury. This is not necessarily the case. Repetitive motion, like lifting lighter objects, can lead to significant back injuries as well.

Some companies say during interviews or on applications that an employee in a certain position would be required to lift objects of a certain weight. Not all companies do this, though, and often these kinds of tasks arise unexpectedly and are not planned. When people who are otherwise unprepared to lift heavy things are required to do so, injuries are likely.

In addition to lifting, slipping and falling can result in back problems. Landing on your back after slipping on a wet surface or tripping over an uneven surface at work can cause back problems as well.

Some of the most common types of back injuries include a herniated disk, broken vertebrae, and arthritic conditions. They are all quite serious because they are very painful and the back is used in so many bodily movements. Also, the spinal cord is in danger anytime the back is injured, which is an extremely sensitive area that is crucial for the rest of the body.

Back injuries can be quite serious, and depending on the circumstances, the employer may be held liable for these kinds of injuries when they occur at work. More information For, contact the Philadelphia back injury lawyer of Lowenthal & Abrams, PC by vBulletinĀ® calling 215-329-3511 or visiting .