Back Injuries and the Healing Process

Back injuries are serious health concerns. With a bad back, it is hard to go to work, do average household tasks, or even stand up. Back injuries can also manifest as lifelong pain since our spines take so much wear and tear throughout our daily activities. First, what kinds of back injuries are there? There are a few types that affect different areas of the back. But the most common types of back pain can be felt more acutely in the lower back. These pains can be caused by muscle spasms, strains, or even a slipped disk.

What causes back injuries?

Back injuries are usually caused by activities that are stressful on the back. These activities can range from heavy lifting, falling, or participating in sporting events.

Back Injury Relief

The most comfortable position once you have hurt your back is to lie flat on your back on a straight surface. Elevating your legs helps with a chair or on top of some pillows will help take the stress off supporting your back on your own.

If your back is swelling that means it's in the acute healing stage. This stage in the back injury will happen after the injury has occurred. It will last up to four days from the start of the injury. The inflammation is due to your body trying to heal itself. Rest is strongly suggested while you are trying to heal and wait for the swelling to minimize. The less movement that takes in this initial stage, the better.

The next stage is the subacute healing stage. This stage will last four to twenty one days. This is one your body is growing new tissue and capillaries. The scar tissue that had begun to grow in the acute stage is still growing to repair your injury. The swelling should go down but care should still be taken when touching your lower back. Minimal exercise is suggested. But try to keep the exercises down to a minimum.

If your back injury lasts any longer past the sub acute stage then it is a chronic back condition and you may need to speak to your health care provider about a solution.

Back pains are the number one reason why people stay home from work. And around fifty to seventy percent of Americans suffer from lower back pain.

For More Information

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