Back Acne Treatment From The Inside


While back acne, or indeed any other type of acne, isn’t directly caused by eating unhealthy food, it certainly won’t help. Back acne treatment can consist of a number of different approaches so as well as using drugs or creams, why not take a look at your diet and start your acne treatment from the inside.

Fruit and vegetables are essential to good health and good health can equal good skin. Almost any type of fruit or veg is great but here are some to keep to a minimum:

– avocado pears because of the oil content (even if it is “good” oil)

– sweet corn and peas and some soft fruits because of the sugar content, albeit natural sugar

– potatoes and sweet potatoes because of the starch content

Bear in mind that a plate of strawberries is ever so good for you but the same plateful smothered in cream and sugar is not! Equally, while boiled new potatoes or carrots are fine, several ounces of butter melted over the top is a really bad idea.

The reason that fruit and vegetables make a great back acne treatment is because you can eat them raw. Raw produce has lost absolutely none of its nutrients, unlike fruit which has been stewed or vegetables which have been boiled. Steaming veg is okay because the water doesn’t touch it and dilute all that lovely vitamin C.

Try to avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Both caffeine and alcohol increase urine output which can make the skin dry out and many fizzy drinks have all sorts of chemicals in them which aren’t particularly good for the system. Instead, why not squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice into either hot or cold water. If you need to sweeten the drink, use a little honey.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hydrated skin is not only healthier, it looks better and more attractive. So, drink water whenever you can and see the difference in your complexion.

Wheat grass juice, which can be obtained from health food shops and online, is said to be a great acne treatment, if rather odd tasting.

Avoid dairy products if possible; butter, cheese, full fat milk and yogurt all contain large amounts of fat which can encourage breakouts of acne.

For your acne treatment to succeed, keep well clear of fatty meats such as bacon and don’t even dream about eating chocolate. It’s an unfortunate fact that even people with the greatest skin can break out in spots after eating chocolate.

Try a back acne treatment from the inside and treat the rest of your body in the process.