Baby Toilet Training

Carrying a pregnancy to full term is not a hard task, the real job comes in after the child is born. This is because this is where learning for them begins. Many parents want to teach their children by the policy of ‘do as I say, not as I do’, but in most cases, this will fail terribly, as children learn more through observation and imitation. The earlier the learning begins for the child, the more enforced the behavior will be.

In toilet habits, training a baby is never an easy task, but it requires patience and a lot of love while correcting the child. It begins by understanding the baby so well such that you are able to tell when the kid is likely to take a pee, judging from their language. It is likely that you might get mixed messages form the kid. This is where keen observation and patience comes in.

The best time to begin toilet training for your baby is when they are between four to five months old. You can start reassuring the kid early enough and removing the fear while they are still young. After observation and being able to tell when your child is likely to pee, then it is time to take them to a nice place where they will feel safe while they do their business. You could have a sort of a conditioned stimulus to which the kid will attach meaning and know it is time to pee.

Some of the symptoms that the kid may exhibit before doing their toilet will include becoming very calm and quiet while in the middle of something. Sometimes they may let out toxic gas and even start crying and tensing the body, then you know its time to do the training.