Baby rash pictures


Eczema, also commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that millions of babies deal with.  Included in those numbers could be your baby.  If you are the parent of a baby who was recently diagnosed as having eczema, you are likely to have many questions.  Now is the time to get answers.

To diagnosis genuine eczema in children, it requires more than an itch and redness. Although the primary cause of the onset of eczema is not known, several theories regarding triggers for the disease exist. Signs of eczema in child patients appear to have the following triggers. The immune system may have an allergic reaction to certain allergens such as foods that include fish, nuts, eggs, honey, or wheat. There has been a link found in the development of eczema from temperature extremes. The development of the condition is usually genetically determined and follows family tendencies. Reddish and blistered skin with itchiness are telltale signs of eczema in child patients. Reddened skin may manifest in facial areas, and around the neck and upper chest. Additionally, it shows up on the extremities.

Typical areas where eczema manifests include elbows, forearms, hands, legs, and in the back of the knee. Common eczema symptoms include skin discoloration, flaking, blistering, lesions, crusting and bleeding. Eczema can be located in the both the front and back of the torso; however, it mostly shows up in the extremities. Itchiness is one of the signs of eczema in children; however, children should be discouraged from scratching as this only makes matters worse.