Baby Development – 4 Tips to Improve Your Baby’s Senses and Agility

Improve your baby’s senses and agility by reading these 4 tips:

1. You can play hide and seek with your baby using a favorite toy to hide, say in a blanket or under his pillow, and help him find each one, congratulating him for every find. You can also have toys fall from his position and brought back again to him. This can improve his senses and agility.

2. Moving toys games will be very ideal for this age. They can follow the toy and in the process have their body exercised and improve his abilities, especially when he is already starting to walk, aside from the crawling and sitting positions. You can use toy cars or balls and make them move so that he could follow the toys.

3. You can also start bringing your baby out, say, in the park to have him appreciate different types of textures and surfaces and enable him to see more people. You can have him crawl on the grass to feel some leaves or stones, etc. Just be careful that he does not swallow anything and make sure you clean his hands after touching things.

4. You can also make use of a lot of modern toys that will present to your baby a new way to play and enhance their brains. There are toys which can have your baby play tap and color where colors and shapes change before their eyes. There are many free online games that your baby can also play with.