Ayurvedic Treatment For Constipation And Gastroparesis


Constipation is very common in old age. No exercise and weakness in body results in dull peristaltic movements which in turn results in constipation and gas formation in abdomen. Problem of constipation generally turns chronic and causes abdominal pain, piles, loss of appetite and fullness in abdomen. We recommend you to take a complete course of constipation package for easy solution of constipation or kabja. Take these ayurvedic medicines regularly for best results.

These medicines help in increasing peristaltic movements, increases appetite, cure acidity and gas problem. The food easily passes through digestive system and no pain abdomen or gas formation occurs. Increase water intake. Take fiber rich diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable salads are best fiber foods. Go for morning walks and practice pranayms regularly for best results in the treatment of constipation.

Gastroparesis is not very serious problem can be easily cured with Ayurvedic medicines. All you need to do is just take simple light and homemade meals. Take your medicines regularly and you won`t face this problem anymore. Gastroparesis or delayed emptying of stomach is a sign of inefficient digestion. Take DIVYA GASHAR CHOORNA twice a day after, meals with warm water.

This is herbal and safe mixture of herbs having stimulant effect on gastric mucosa. This helps in proper secretion of digestive juices and timely digestion of ingested food materials. As the food comes in semi digested state, it helps in easy and timely movement of this food in to duodenum from stomach for complete digestion. It stops over acid formation and cures hyper acidity problem. Its carminative nature prevents spam or gastric colic and prevents excess gas formation.

It is anti flatulent and never allows the fullness or heaviness in tummy. With regular course the digestion process becomes smooth and peristaltic movements of intestines becomes normal. So a regular course of this medicine for about two three months will cure cure digestive system related problems.