Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

When the blood vessels in and around the anal region swell up due to various reasons, it results in hemorrhoids or piles. Nearly 35% of the humankind suffer from hemorrhoids. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of movement or exercise, prolonged standing or sitting can cause hemorrhoids. Females during pregnancy may experience this difficulty due to pressure on the blood vessels in the rectum because of the foetus. This usually gets back to normal on child birth.

Blood on surface of stool, or toilet paper is the primary symptom of hemorrhoids. Itching, pain and swelling in the anal region confirms it. Surprisingly in some cases there may not be noticeable symptoms at all.


Hemorrhoids can be broadly classified as internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are the swollen blood vessels inside the anal canal. External hemorrhoids protrude out from the anus, also called as prolapsed hemorrhoids. They are more painful than the internal ones.


Conventional systems treat hemorrhoids with stool softeners, creams, and in extreme cases surgery.


The primary cause for hemorrhoids is unhealthy eating habit. If you eat junk food more, if you don’t exercise, if the urge to defecate is suppressed often, then the possibility of a full blown hemorrhoids is very much a reality. Chronic constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids.


Ways to prevent hemorrhoids


Eating more leafy vegetables and increasing the fiber in diet is the first step to prevent hemorrhoids. There will be regular bowel movement if the diet consists of fibers. Ureg to defecate should never be suppressed. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing.


Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids




Juice of sphaeranthus indicus (Kottaikarandhai) leaves 1 litre


Sittamanakku oil (Ricinus communis L.) 1 litre


Cumin seeds 250 gm


Cumin seeds are powdered coarsely. Add a few drops of milk and make a fine paste. Now pour the juice of sphaeranthus indicus and heat. When the mix reaches a thick consistency, remove from and heat and let it cool. Filter the oil and store in a bottle. 75 mil of this preparation is taken in the mornings for five days. This is found to cure hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and diarrhea.


Given below are some more home remedies for piles.


1-2 buds and a twig or two of the banyan tree is ground to a fine paste. Add this paste to milk and take it once a day for three days.


Dice white onion and sauté it in ghee. Add palm candy and make a fine paste. Take this with food three times a day.


Yam is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. Regular consumption of dishes made of yam can cure as well as prevent hemorrhoids. Karunai lehyam made from yam is available at ayurveda and siddha shops. This is taken a spoonful after food three times a day. This is a time tested remedy for hemorrhoids.