Ayurvedic Approach Towards Brain Diseases And Anxiety

The human brain needs oxygen. It can survive for just a few minutes in the absence of oxygen after which it suffers from an incurable brain damage. It also requires an adequate amount of fat, glucose, and protein in order to function well.

Today, people live in an environment which changes drastically almost every day. There are so many challenges that you have to face in life owing to financial issues, globalization, job insecurity, competition, etc. All these factors are constantly creating a negative psychological impact on the human brain. This ultimately results in depression and stress. Experts suggest that Ayurveda has some magical treatments for these ailments. Natural nerve tonic can help in relieving your stress level and thus ensure good brain health.

Healthy Fat Results In Healthy Brain:

Almost 60 percent of the human brain is fat. Every single brain cell is made using the fatty material. So, you can well understand how much important fat is for the stability of your brain. However, here another important point to remember is how you can differentiate between the good fat and bad fat. Healthy fats are those which you get from the pure oils like olive oil, salmon omega, etc. You must avoid the intake of processed fats which are generally the trans-fats which you get in food like margarine.

Benefits Of Ghee:

As per Ayurveda, ghee gets considered as the healthiest form of oil which you must consume. It has many beneficial properties, some of which are here:

  • Ghee is that kind of butter from which milk solids and water gets removed.
  • The intake of ghee strengthens your brain and improves memory.
  • The nervous system also gets benefitted with intake of ghee and it also improves digestion.
  • Use of ghee in your cooking helps to eliminate various diseases and promotes longevity.
  • It also helps to stabilize your mood and ensures normal functioning of the brain.

Owing to all these benefits, the consumption of this healthy fat is immensely important as per the Ayurvedic experts.

Simple Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Brain:

  • Black Pepper: It helps to enhance the utilization and uptake of oxygen by the brain cells. Digestion gets improved and thereby the by-products resulting from poor digestion also gets prevented.
  • Turmeric: This spice has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help in treating several conditions. Several brain tonics in Ayurveda contain this item.
  • Ginger: Ginger is also an enhancer of digestion. It prevents the harmful by-products from getting formed and also assimilates the food properly.
  • No Refined Sugar: Ayurvedic experts suggest avoiding the intake of refined sugar. It impairs the enzymes of the brain and results in the building up of amyloid plaques.

There are also many Ayurvedic herbs which work wonders for enhancing memory and improves the functioning of the brain and mind. Brain tonics in Ayurveda contain many essential herbs.

Ayurveda For Anxiety And Stress:

The human mind is quite a complex system and there is no remedy in single which can heal these disorders. If too depend too much on the allopathic treatment then it can cause ill effects on your heart, internal organs, and nervous system. Problems like stress, tension, depression, etc. can get treated with proper counselling, natural medication and healthy diet and lifestyle. Meditation and yoga exercises are also great for the mental peace and harmony as per Ayurveda.

Several well-known herbs used in nerve tonic are great for handling anxiety and also help to restore the normal condition of the brain. You can also use some of the simplest techniques of handling stress like reading, talking to your near ones, pursuing your hobbies and trying to be relaxed as much as possible. Try diverting your attention from the frustrating situations of life.

Remember your daily diet also matters a lot in ensuring healthy mind and brain. Always consult Ayurvedic experts if you are planning a new health regime for treating any disease.