Ayurvedic Approach for diabetes Cure


In the modern era Diabetes is one of the most common diseases found in many people. The “Rich man’s disease” diabetes is known as Madhumeha in Ayurveda.  It is called so because people who are over nourished usually get affected by this. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder in which your body is unable to properly use and store glucose, a form of sugar resulting in high blood sugar and sugar in urine. This results as a deficiency of a insulin secretion by pancreas or insulin resistance. Diabetes is of two types, viz., Diabetes mellitus and Diabetes insipidus. In the former type the blood sugar goes up (normal blood sugar is 80-120/100 cc of blood) and sugar appears in urine. Because of impairment of sugar metabolism, the tissue cell doesn’t get enough material for the production of energy, and results in the weakness in the patients. Higher blood sugar level leads to many other complications like coma and carbuncles. Diabetes is characterized by excessive hunger, thirst urination, weakness, blurred vision and weight loss. Burning sensation on the soles of the feet may be felt. This type of diabetes in small children is called as juvenile diabetes. In Diabetes insipidus, there is excessive urination but the urine is free from sugar. It can be cured easily.

For the treatment of Diabetes efforts are made to reduce the body fat of the patients and regulate the function of pancreas to promote sugar metabolism. For this Karela (bitter gourd) is the best. The juice of the leaves and fruit of this 30 ml twice daily on empty stomach works well. Similarly, Silajeet a mineral is also highly recommended for the treatment. An ayurvedic medicine called Vasanta Kusumakara rasa is given twice daily in a dose of 0.125 gms twice daily on an empty stomach mixed with cream and sugar. In an advanced stage diabetes may produce many complications like coma. For this it is necessary to immediately reduce the blood sugar, and treatment should be taken under direct supervision of an expert ayurvedic physician.

For all the Diabetes patients’ sugar in any form, rice, potato, banana, and such other cereals which has high percentage of carbohydrate are contra-indicated. Similarly fats should be avoided. Diet planning is the cornerstone of managing diabetes. There should be control over quantity of diet. All bitter things in general are good for this disease. A mixture of Jamun, Neem and Karela in the ratio 2:1:2 is found to be effective remedy for diabetes. 100 gm of fresh karela powder in a divided dose two times for two weeks bring down sugar level considerably.  The seeds and fruits of Jamun are also useful in diabetes. The granular food such as Chana, Jau, pulses are good. All the plants with hypoglycemic properties such as Bel, Mehendhi, Neem etc are good as they reduces the blood glucose level. Weight should be gradually reduced if over-weight. Sleep during the daytime should be strictly prohibited. The patient should resort to moderate exercise. Yoga can be helpful. The patient should avoid injuries because healing is slow in Diabetes as a result of which there is every possibility of wound becoming septic. If patient are attacked by other disease then it should be attended immediately because patient of this disease lacks resistance and disease may turn acute. Lastly, all diabetes patients should exercise. Exercise improves metabolism in turn leads to better control of glucose. It also helps to reduce weight and lowers Blood pressure. More importantly exercise can facilitate reduction of insulin doses and other oral drugs. So walk as much as possible so that you can walk away from Diabetes.