Ayurveda Remedy PMS

There is a huge chunk of the female population that suffers from mild to severe form of premenstrual symptoms or PMS. Because every woman has their menstruation every month, the female sex is at a vulnerable situation. But PMS can be easily remedied by Ayurveda treatments.

PMS almost often induces the symptoms of insomnia, swelling in one’s lower extremities, back aches, headaches and breast sensitivities. All of these are triggered by hormonal changes that one undergoes in a menstrual cycle and the anxiety coupled with that.

There are different classifications of PMS which is often determined by which dosha is aggravated.

Vata PMS

When your Vata gets aggravated, this causes pelvic cavity abnormalities that in turn cause lower abdominal pains. Because of this, the following symptoms are felt: headaches, lower backaches, calf muscle pains, constipation, insomnia, and crankiness.

To help alleviate the symptoms, you can have body massages using warm sesame oil. You can also fix up a bath for you that is prepared with a third cup of baking soda and ginger. Warm castor oil can also help you with your cramps and abdominal pains. You may also drink garlic tea which is made of a chopped clove of garlic in hot water, half teaspoon of cumin and half teaspoon of cinnamon.

Pitta PMS

A pitta induced PMS is triggered by smoking and intake of alcohol as well as constant exposure to heat like being under direct heat of the sun most of the time. The symptoms of Pitta PMS include breasts sensitivity, hyperacidity, headaches, hives, vaginal discharges and irritability.

Remedy for Pitta PMS include massages that use sunflower and sandalwood oils. You should also take only lukewarm baths to relieve the pain. You can also try coconut oil on the soles of your feet. You should also try drinking blue hibiscus tea for your PMS.

Kapha PMS

A kapha PMS is often characterized by symptoms like watery eyes, sinus congestion, lethargy, weight gain and excess urination.

However, Vata remedies often work for Kapha PMS as well like sesame oil massages and ginger and baking soda baths.