Avoid Keyword Paralysis

Do you suffer from it? Do you even know what it is? It’s currently afflicting at least 90% of the well intentioned, money making wannabe webmasters on the internet. I suffered from it at one point. First it started with “which keyword research tool” should I use? Should I use a free keyword tool, like Google’s AdWord tool, or should I use the paid wordtracker keyword tool? Once I got past that conundrum, I then had to deal with the keywords themselves!

Look, there’s no easy way to say this, but, to get over keyword paralysis you need to kick yourself in the pants. You need to enter your seed keyword, run your tool and then do something with your keywords. Me personally, I like to find a highly searched long tail keyword phrase and build sites based just around that phrase. Why do you ask? Because I know people are searching for it! Why else would you build something, whether it be an article or a website, except to have someone look at it, right? Well, that’s my reasoning too. I’ll either write an article based around that long tail keyword or I’ll build a site based around it. Either way, i’m shooting to get some organic keyword traffic from it.

So do you see what I’m talking about now? Don’t get to deep into the keywords. Identify a long tail keyword that people are searching for which does NOT have a ton of competition in Google or msn. This is where I use my paid keyword tools wisely. I own several of them and they allow me to dig as deep as I want plus they give me information quickly and efficiently so that I can spend my time building sites and articles. I’m not saying that the free tools won’t let you do that either, but they’re not as fast or efficient as the paid keyword tools.

It all comes down to doing SOMETHING. You’ll learn more in working with your keywords than you will in just staring at them. Do this and let me know via my website how you did: Run a keyword search with at least 50 keywords from one seeded word. Build ONE website around those keywords and include the keywords as menu items on your site. Let me know if you start getting traffic based on those keywords. Chances are, if you have your keywords in your menu, on your information pages (with H1 or H2 tags) and decent content that has been optimized, you’ll start seeing results. That’s what I do, and I make money all day long doing this.