Avoid Gallbladder Surgery – 5 Simple Gallstones Remedies to Try Before Surgery

Thousands of people will do anything they can to avoid gallbladder surgery this year. And if I had gallstones, I would do everything I could to save my organ, the gallbladder. Because you NEED it! Unfortunately, about a half a million people do get their gallbladder surgically removed. And another half a million are diagnosed with gallstones and either deal with the pain or naturally dissolve and flush them.

As a natural health expert, I get numerous e-mails asking, "Is gallbladder surgery absolutely necessary?" I usually respond with the answer, "sometimes." I then explain that most gallstones can be naturally dissolved and flushed (around 85%) but the other 15% should usually opt for an alternative treatment or as a last resort, gallbladder surgery. I always, always, always recommend to try gallstones remedies and avoid gallbladder surgery at all cost!

Fact: Did you know that without your gallbladder, you can be at a greater risk to be diagnosed with bowel or colon cancer? Your body can survive without your gallbladder but the long-term effects can be fatal.

Here is a list of effective gallstone remedies to try before surgery.

Simple Gallstone Remedies

1. Gallstone Prevention First- Whatever treatment you use you should always begin your treatment with gallstone prevention. Some simple gallstone prevention tips would be to: maintain a healthy weight, do not lose weight drastically, eat balanced meals with some fat (fat causes the gallbladder to empty), eat high fiber, do not consume high cholesterol, and exercise regularly . This gallstone prevention tips are extremely helpful for both avoiding gallstones and staying healthy.

2. Essential Vitamins and Herbs for Gallstone Sufferers- Do you know what vitamin and herbs are absolutely essential for you? Supplementing vitamin C has shown to convert cholesterol to bile acids. With less cholesterol the risk should diminish greatly.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a purified extract from lecithin and helps protect against gallstone formation. Studies suggest that 300-2,000 mg per day of PC can actually aid in the dissolving of gallstones.

3. Reflexology- Are you aware of the alarming research that states the feet have a lot to do with our overall health? Some doctors say the feet are the life-line of our health. There are 5 points on the feet that can diminish gallbladder pain and expel gallbladder stones from the bile ducts. Massage the following 5 points twice a day: Solar plexus; liver; diaphragm, gallbladder and thyroid.

4. Hydration Flush- By flushing the liver you might be able to flush the gallstones from the gallbladder. Many of our customers have had success with this method and it has become a lifestyle habit for them. The hydration flush requires you to drink 12 glasses of water per day. A good formula to remember would be to drink half of your body weight in ounces per day. The liver will be continually flushed of toxins and the gallstones could possibly pass.

5. Gallbladder Flush- This flush takes about 24 hours to complete but we've had the most success with passing gallstones with it. The gallbladder flush will actually begin in the morning and end the following day. This step-by-step remedy consists of 5 ingredients which naturally pass toxins, cholesterol and gallstones from your body. The following day you should see your gallstones in your stool. Our Visit gallstone remedies website today to learn more.

Avoid Gallbladder Surgery and Start Your Treatment Today

Imagine canceling your gallbladder surgery in two days. Imagine not having to fork over thousands of dollars for surgery and hospital visits. Imagine no more pain. Before you have surgery you should always try to naturally pass your stones because most gallstones will pass naturally.

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