Avoid Bacteria With a Bio-Latex Mattress

According to the latest scientific studies, various kinds of bacteria and fungi like Salmonella, Staphylococcus and other skin disease-trigger fungus will die if they are forced to cling on latex rubber like those commonly found in hospital, treatment facilities, hotels, etc, including your house. Latex is also commonly used in cushions for chair, pillow, etc.

A series of test conducted by Winconsin Research Foundation in a program sponsored by Latex Foam Rubber Council showed a significant amounts of decreases of bacteria in 6 hours. The type of bacteria experimented was Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas – those of commonly causing infections, while Salmonella used to cause food poisoning, Proteus Mirabilis that caused foul stench and other disturbances, Tubercolosis (TBC) bacteria and skin fungus of Trichophyton Mentagrophytes.

The reports mentioned that, Sample from the latex was activity tested on each testing for micro-organism by way of wetting the latex with Broth-Bivone serum filled with bacteria that will be tested. In every test, we found a significant decrease of bacteria quite rapidly. To be noted, Broth-Bivone serum is the one provides food and an ideal place for bacteria to grow.

Latex mattresses is also stay fresh much longer, even in a humid temperature in a long period of time, due to alkali salt in Thiocarbamate set as the active property in the making of latex foam. This chemical property is mixed in the foam, making the protection to last. Printed latex foam in pillows, mattresses and other materials with this property will also help killing the bacteria.

The real Bio-latex technology is an application technology of latex purification process with the yellowed end latex result called latex master. Bio-latex has many features other latex don’t have, such as its high purity, level of density, flexibility and supporting ability. Besides, Bio-latex is also equipped with many support systems, providing a perfect supporting ability.

With all those features, high quality sleeping is no longer a dream, right?