Avoid A Monotone And Add Colour To Your Speech

Speaking with a monotonous delivery where every word sounds at the same pitch level will make your audience bored and inattentive. The sound of your voice has a huge impact on the acceptance of your message, your image, and your trust. To avoid sounding like a drill sergeant or an IT technician repeating numbers in a very unemotional and detached manner, you need to add variety to your delivery style.

This skill can be learned by three key areas: exercising your vocal pitch range, focussing your mind to the image of your message, and matching your voice sound to produce that image.

Step 1: Expand Your Vocal Range

First, you want to discover what your vocal range of pitch levels are from the highest to the lowest tone. So, with a relaxed body and tense-free neck, shoulder, and jaw repeat the word “yes” or “oh” up and down the scale from a high pitch to a low pitch. Be sure to support your tone by diaphragmatic breathing. Also, emit your sounds through your mouth cavity, not your nasal passage.

Step 2: Focus Your Image

Second, choose an image from nature or an adventurous moment from your life story. For example, with some of my clients I often ask them to use the image of a bird flying. If you can imagine a bird soaring, dipping, gliding, darting, threatening, or racing across the field; you will exercise your mental focus on a variety of images for each bird movement. Apply this technique to an image from your own speech content. Select a section, a phrase, or short line from your speech to see the mental picture.

Step 3: Match Your Vocal Sound

Finally, you must match your speech to the image of your content by changing your pitch level for each new image. For instance with our bird flight images, your voice tone may sound calm and mellow as the bird glides; or it may go high when the bird soars up; and perhaps, even go to a low tone if the bird dips below the trees. Every image is a choice for you because it’s your personal tones that paint your unique picture.

The listener benefits from this dynamic delivery style of a variety of pitch levels, energy, emphasis, and pace as an aide to seeing and feeling the image. You are colouring your language to bring your content alive by the use of your voice. If you think it and see it, then you will speak it colorfully. This skill takes rehearsal or lessons from a coach to expand your vocal range; but it is well worth the time to animate your speech.

The overall effect of grouping your content into thoughts or images, then speaking it with varying degrees of pitch, stress, and inflection of your voice will certainly spice up your delivery style. If you can add this vital ingredient of colouring your adjectives and verbs in specific portions of your presentations by flexing your vocal range; then you will avoid having a monotonous delivery and the audience will be alert and listen to your information.