Avocado Fruit: Natural Cure for Health Ailments

The avocado or butter fruit is a fleshy pear- shaped fruit with one large seed which is surrounded by the buttery pulp. It is generally found in maroon or purple color. This fruit was introduced in Mauritius in 1780.

This fruit contains good amount of fat that is free from butyric acid as compared to other fruits. It provides high resistance against bacterial infection by being enriched with adequate vitamin A. It is also found to be high in protein content than bread or other cereal foods. Although, it is free from fiber content.

This creamy fruit is found to be enriched with nutritional contents such as dietary fiber, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, copper, vitamin C and calories. It is also found enriched with "oleic acid" – a monounsaturated fat which helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body. Because of its natural benefits it is termed to be the world's healthiest and nourished fruit. This is also found to have a good amount of potassium that helps in regulating the blood pressure level in the body, stroke and heart disease.

Let us know how we can use avocado for curing several health ailments?

Digestive System Disorders: This fruit proves to be an excellent remedy for curing stomach disorders. The consumption of this fruit along with ripened papaya makes it staple food for hyperacidity. Furthermore this helps in combating colitis, biliousness and autointoxication.

Bad breath: The consumption of avocado really helps in treating bad breath problems. Its regular intake perfectly removes the intestinal decomposition which is the real cause of this disease.

Psoriasis: To treat psoriasis effectively, it is advised that oil of avocado should be applied over the affected area two times a day to have beneficial results.

Beauty Aid: This fruit is extensively used as beauty aid in numerous creams, cleansers and moisturizers for counterfeiting the effects of premature aging, dehydration of the skin. It also used in shampoos and bath oils to nourish scalp and dull hair.

Basically people love eating these avocados by way of sandwich which is prepared by adding ham and mayonnaise.

It is recommended that these fruits should be eaten in fresh and raw form. However if you want to keep for longer period then you have to mash the flesh part and keep it sealed poly bag and stored in the freezer. By doing this you can store this fruit for 4-5 months. In case you want to buy the ready to eat or ripe avocados then make sure to choose the one with bumpy skin having dark green color. Those which are rock hard in nature should not be chosen because these are not yet ripe.