Autism And Diet – How Glutton and Casein Affect Autism


Among the best ways to control the symptoms of autism is by studying the dietary patterns of an autistic child; caregivers need to monitor and report any significant changes in their child’s behavior when diet is modified or contains either glutton and casein.

Many commonly found food products contain Glutton such as wheat, oats and rye while Casein is found in dairy products like milk and cheese; these substance have been researched and it has been found that the excessive consumption of foods such as bread and cheese containing them may cause difficulties in controlling children with autism, should they consume too much of it. This is because both substances are difficult to digest since they contain peptides, which if not broken down, tend to be absorbed into the child’s blood stream causing disruptions to major brain and adversely affecting autism condition.

Cutting back on food with glutton and casein in an autistic child’s diet will benefit the child’s body by aiding in metabolic breakdown of the substances, digestion will become easier and it will be simpler to control the child’s disorder. A simple urine test can help determine whether peptides are breaking down properly in the child’s body or there is a high absorption rate of these – consult a doctor for this.

Even a nutritionist can guide parents about making necessary food item changes in the child’s diet to help control the ill-effects of autism and circumvent developmental dysfunctions or limitations to the child’s normal growth. However, it is important to do this step by step as any sudden change in the diet can result in adverse withdrawal symptoms in the autistic child, which may be unhealthy for the kid.

The sensible approach to making dietary changes for an autistic child is to slowly cut back on the child’s consumption of breads, grains and milk products till he or she is allright with eating none of these items. A medical expert can help provide a full list of food items that contain glutton and casein – so don’t hesistate to consult one today. After all, it is a question of your child’s mental and physical wellbeing and once you have understood which are the essential nutrients for your child’s daily diet, planning for including ones contained in glutton and casein products can be done differently, through dietary supplements and enforcing healthy eating habits.