Turmeric’s Benefits to Skin, Digestion, and Your Heart

Spicy curries and even the mustard in your fridge get color and flavoring from Turmeric, a spice that’s been used for thousands of years in India for everything from dying fabric to healing wounds. This versatile spice comes from the root of the plant and packs a powerful punch for health and wellness.

Benefits to Skin

Turmeric, when applied directly or taken as a capsule, has numerous health benefits for the skin. Whether the condition is acne, psoriasis, or eczema, Turmeric can assist in clearing up imperfections and healing the surface of the skin from the inside out. When added to water to form a paste, Turmeric can be applied to the skin to bring a rich, golden color to the complexion and has been a part of spa treatments around the world for this purpose as well as reducing the size of pores. Add to the list that taking Turmeric in a capsule form has shown promise in not only improving the condition of the skin but also supplies that same golden color possible through applying a paste directly topically. Give Turmeric capsules time to do their good work and don’t expect amazing results right away! Most herbal products being to show great improvement in the system within a few weeks to a month so patience is important.

Benefits to Digestion

This powerful spice, when added to food or taken in a capsule form, has proven beneficial for a range of digestive issues from easing the pains of an inflamed system to calming flare-ups associated with irritable bowel syndrome or leaky gut. While the taste may be too spicy for your liking when added to foods, the benefits are still possible through encapsulated Turmeric so don’t shy away. This spice has been instrumental in healing disorders of the stomach and intestine and has been found to keep a healthy system happy so go ahead, incorporate it into your day!

Fun Facts on Turmeric Benefits

Did you know that Turmeric was once built into Band-Aids in India? The spice was included to help speed healing for cuts and scrapes and you can get this healing at home. Make a past of Turmeric and water and apply it to minor cuts or inflamed areas; leave it on for an hour then rinse away.

This spice has also been the topic of several studies recently and has shown promise in lowering triglycerides and insulin levels, even after eating a meal rich in fat and oils. Add to the fun fact list that countries with a diet rich in Turmeric (most of Asia) have the lowest numbers for Alzheimer’s Disease and also enjoy low numbers for being overweight!

Including Turmeric in your herbal regimen has so many benefits and yet no side effects. There’s no need to wait any longer! Hop on board to heath and enjoy improved function of your entire body with Turmeric!

Jock Itch or Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes and jock itch are rarely confused, but genital herpes in its early stages may be mistaken for jock itch since both conditions have similar symptoms. They are both uncomfortable, produce red, irritated skin and appear in the thighs, groin or genital area. However, they are usually quite easy to differentiate. This article is designed to help you avoid making the mix-up.

Jock itch is caused from a fungus called Trichophyton rubrum. It can grow anywhere on the body, but most often shows up in the warm, moist areas of the groin. Sweaty or tight-fitting clothing and direct contact with the fungus can lead to a case of jock itch. Jock itch may occur in both men and women, but mostly affects adult men. Like genital herpes, jock itch may be contagious and can be passed from one person to the next by skin-to-skin contact or contact with unwashed clothing.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted virus. The virus may remain dormant for some time, but an outbreak will usually occur within 30 days of sexual contact. The first herpes outbreak is usually the most severe but not necessarily. Stages of a herpes infection are as follows: itchiness, a rash, stinging, burning, swelling, blistering, sores, crusts and a return to healthy skin with no scarring. These symptoms usually don’t last more than 3 weeks. Genital herpes symptoms may vary greatly and may consist of only a mild rash that disappears within 10 days and may return occasionally.

The confusion in self-diagnosing each condition occurs because both diseases affect the groin area. Both start with a red rash, itching and bumps on the skin. They are uncomfortable and can cause pain for several days. Jock itch usually causes red, raised, scaly patches that may blister and ooze. The patches are often redder around the outside with normal skin tone in the center. This may cause a red ring to appear. The skin may become abnormally dark or light.

Jock itch differs from genital herpes in that it usually doesn’t develop on the scrotum or penis. It tends to spread in the inner thigh area instead. However, a jock itch rash may also affect the genitals and areas around the anus, rectum, or vagina. The skin may crack, scale and be painful, but it usually won’t present open lesions like it would with genital herpes. Genital herpes doesn’t cause long-term infections. Healthy skin returns after 3 weeks, although slight change in skin color may result. Jock itch and genital herpes symptoms can both recur at any time. Jock itch can be cured after each episode but no cure or vaccine has been found for herpes yet.

The only sure way to tell which condition you have is to see a doctor. Doctors can usually recognize jock itch during a physical examination. But at times, they may decide to do a test. They will either perform a swab test if blisters are present or a skin lesion biopsy by scraping the skin. If all else fails, a blood test should remove any doubts.

To cure jock itch, a doctor will prescribe an anti-fungal cream or lotion to apply directly to the source of the fungal infection. Doctors can prescribe medication, or if you suffer from recurring fungal infections, over the counter medicine like Tinactin, Lotrimin and Micatin are available. The cream should be used for two weeks, and continued for several days after the rash is completely gone. If your jock itch doesn’t clear up or causes blisters, you should go to your doctor to have a physical examination.

Genital herpes can’t be cured, but its symptoms can be treated with an anti-viral medicine, which will help limit the duration of an outbreak.

Relief can be found for both conditions by checking with your doctor. Wear loose clothing, breathable cotton and quickly change out of sweaty clothes to prevent jock itch. Once you have contracted genital herpes, you can take measures to prevent outbreaks by eating a good diet, exercising and reducing your stress levels and taking antiviral treatment daily.

Could Dust Mites Be Preventing a Good Night’s Sleep?

Tiredness and fatigue is just a part of everyday life for many busy people. Between a busy job and a full family life it doesn’t always seem like there is enough time for sleep. What a lot of people who are feeling tired and run down don’t realize is that it may not be the amount of sleep they are getting that is leaving them tired, it may simply be the quality of sleep that is lacking.

In the average mattress there are anywhere between 100,000 and ten million dust mites. These microscopic insects thrive in the warm and humid conditions of our beds. They breed quickly and multiply to the point where up to half of the weight of your mattress could simply be made up of dust mites and their waste matter. Dust mites themselves are not the threat to quality sleep. Rather, their waste matter is.

The waste matter of dust mites contains a protein that many people are allergic too. It is also known to worsen asthma, eczema and bronchitis in those that suffer these illnesses. The allergic condition caused by dust mites is called perennial allergic rhinitis. It feels a bit like you have a cold all of the time. Symptoms include a runny nose, sore throat, head aches and ear aches. Those who are allergic to dust mites will often wake up feeling terrible but by 10 or 11am the symptoms have disappeared. A lot don’t even realize that the dust mite allergy is the cause of the symptoms.

Other than feeling like you have the flu when you wake up every morning, this allergy can cause serious disturbance to sleep. Each night, as we drift deeper into sleep our brain goes through a cycle which includes many different types of sleep. We need to experience these types of sleep to be at our full mental capacity. An allergy can cause a sufferer to wake up ten or twenty times during the night. On most of these occasions they will fall straight back to sleep and not even be aware that they woke up, however the brain never reaches the deepest stages of sleep. The next day, the lack of quality sleep leaves them tired and irritable and unable to be at their best.

Perhaps the worst effect of dust mites is that most people do not even realize that they are being affected. They simply go about their lives trying to treat the symptoms instead of eliminating the cause. By getting rid of these microscopic bugs from your bedroom you could experience a massive increase in sleep quality.

There are many ways to get rid of dust mites. Subjecting your linen to freezing temperatures will kill them an air purifiers can eliminate floating particles. The majority of the dust mites will be found in your mattress and pillows. The most thorough and direct treatment is by having your mattress and pillow cleaned every year. A professional can eliminate dust mites and other bacteria, viruses, germs, and fungi with a chemical free system that utilizes UV-C rays and promises to rid you of dust mites, their eggs and their waste matter.

5 Signs of Alcoholism That Lead to Living With an Alcoholic

The signs of alcoholism are often ignored in the early stages until it becomes apparent that you are living with an alcoholic. No matter how much you love someone or want to take care of them, dealing with an alcohol addiction is a situation no one can really prepare for.

As the signs of alcoholism become more recognizable in an individual, family and friends can often think back and point out the exact signs of alcoholism that slipped unrecognized until the person became an alcoholic. Instead of ending up living with an alcoholic, learn the top 5 signs of alcoholism that you can intercept in early stages and avoid you or someone you love dealing with alcohol addiction.

1. High tolerance for alcohol is one of the signs of alcoholism that are always left undetected. Some people may occasionally over drink during a holiday or weekend. However, when individuals find themselves needing to drink more and more just to experience a high they are usually developing other signs of alcoholism as well.

2. Becoming unsociable. Alcoholics are not usually social drinkers; instead, they prefer to drink alone. The people who are living with an alcoholic would sometimes notice that the craving to drink has become so strong that the alcoholic finds it hard to focus or think about anything else. In fact, they may avoid hanging out with family and friends unless the event or celebration actually involves alcohol.

3. Changes in appearance and health. When living with an alcoholic you must remember that alcohol is a drug and for alcoholics the brain becomes dependent on the drug over time. As the cravings advance nausea, tremors, irritability, loss of coordination and other physical alcoholic symptoms may occur. The eyes can become sunken and red rimmed while the skin can become sallow and can feature dry scaly patches. Many alcoholics will lose a large amount of weight. Alcoholics also tend to neglect their physical appearance and may have a shaggy beard, raggedy hair and wear rumpled ill fitting clothing.

4. Risky behaviors. As the disease progresses, you can notice changes in the behavior of someone in the grips of an alcoholism. These changes in behavior are sure signs of alcoholism. They may get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence even when they are dealing with legal consequences; they may fail to show up to work or pick up the kids from school and will often not have a valid reason for their absence.

5. Memory loss. This is one of the advanced signs of alcoholism. When drinking large amounts of alcohol, someone with an alcohol addiction can become unconscious and will often wake up with no idea of what they did. Some may remember their actions but feel guilty or regretful over what their obsession with alcohol leads them to do. While under the grip of the drug, an alcoholic’s personality can change, causing them to become verbally or physically aggressive.

By recognizing the signs of alcoholism early, you can quickly get started on learning an approach that will get the one you love the help they need before the addiction becomes all consuming. Although living with an alcoholic can feel hopeless the key to getting out of this nightmare is the right knowledge put into action urgently!

Signs of alcoholism must be closely observed when you think you might be living with an alcoholic. Learning the wright approach to a developing alcoholic will always give you the advantage you need to be most effective. I have found some great information related to the signs of alcoholism and living with an alcoholic.

Disenfranchised Grief and Depression

Disenfranchised grief is grief experienced by an individual that is not openly acknowledged, socially validated or publicly observed. The loss experienced is real, but survivors are not accorded the “right to grieve” by anyone around them. An individual may have an intense and multifaceted reaction to a loss, yet those around him are completely ignorant or invalidating about the sadness that person may feel. Society at large simply is not comfortable with grief and for the most part completely ignores many instances of grief.

Some examples of disenfranchised grief are:

1) Loss of a pregnancy due to miscarriage

a. People say stupid things like “you can always have another baby

2) Loss of a pregnancy due to abortion

a. There is no public venue and complete lack of permission to grieve the loss of voluntary pregnancy termination

3) Loss of a child in an adoption process

a. Complete lack of understanding by society at large

4) Death of an ex-husband or ex-wife

a. People say, “Wow! You should be glad they are out of your life now!

5) Break up of a gay couple

a. Complete lack of acknowledgment by society as a whole.

When a person is in a disenfranchised grief circumstance, they are unable to process the emotions involved with that loss. They will do this usually completely alone and with no support system. The grieving process is always best done in community. It is important for others to share the tears and the pain of the loss. Yet in the instances mentioned above, parties involved in these losses are completely abandoned and isolated in their pain.

While there is a great movement of grief support groups in our nation, even those are probably not going to touch on the above mentioned losses, unless someone finds their special niche of group. They are available but sometimes hard to find.

The grieving process can be a long, difficult and painful process. The ideal way to grieve, again, is to have someone walk that valley of pain with you. It is the isolation and the abandonment that heaps even more coals of pain onto one’s heart in a disenfranchised grief situation.

Without validation and confirmation from another person, the emotions of sadness get pushed down. Eventually a person with disenfranchised grief will find themselves with a full blown case of depression.

Some common signs of depression are:

1) Lack of interest in things that used to bring joy

2) Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning

3) Sluggish, tired feeling

4) Unable to sleep or restless sleep

5) General feeling of sadness

6) Crying spells

7) Feeling fearful

Disenfranchised grief needs community for healing. If you are suffering from depression caused by disenfranchised grief it is important that you find someone to walk the valley of sadness with you. You can either find a professional who is trained in grief counseling or find the particular support group that would pertain to you. At the very least, it is important for you to find a friend who could listen to your story and who would be a safe place to cry with you.

How to Overcome Nyctophobia Or Getting Rid Of The Fear of the Dark

Nyctophobia, commonly understood as the fear of the dark, is felt by normal people once they find themselves in the middle of a dark room or a very dark area. Phobias are common feelings in many people which are described as irrational fears and manifest themselves in many forms. This is just one of them. Sometimes it is related to a person being traumatized by a certain past event related to darkness.

Phobia often starts simply as a fear of certain things or happenings until it will bloom into serious issues resorting to anxiety and panic attacks when not treated right away. When the person has anxiety attacks, these are readily seen and they include the following: very strong fear, being scared of actually getting crazy, a feeling of getting trapped, having problems breathing regularly, dizziness and strong nausea, being constantly disoriented and a feeling of numbness in extremities.

When people are plagued by panic and anxiety attacks, witnesses mistakenly take them as heart attacks and bring them to the hospital as an emergency case. It is a costly procedure when one is subjected to a heart check-up while panic attacks take time before a diagnosis is finally and accurately made.

When a person is not treated well after regularly stricken with panic attacks, it will develop into a panic disorder which can become terrible and dreadful. But this fear can easily be cured and will allow the person to return back to normal. Recovery is fast once the panic disorder is readily treated. We often forget people had this disorder after they return to their good health after bouts of panic attacks.

People who are fearful of the dark are often involved in acquiring knowledge of doing and recognizing things and this is done to ease up their fear. This is called CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an affordable treatment utilized for people with similar disorders which yields rewarding results. Other self-help programs are also offered to people with other similar kinds of phobias and panic disorders.

This program commences on how people with the disorder recognize the attack and find ways to counter it. It does not do them well to worry too much and this should be highlighted to them. When CBT is too costly, other self-help programs can be resorted to as a second choice. This is more convenient for them aside from the treatment being done with privacy and confidentiality that the patients get during treatment. Similar other treatments also entail hypnosis and the use of medications which can give some satisfying results.

Realistic Anxiety

Realistic anxiety has about the same meaning as fear. In realistic anxiety the feeling that one is threatened has a clear source. Say that you have been asked to give a short speech. The anxiety you feel before you give the talk is directly linked to the possibility that your audience will be bored or laugh at you. The potential loss of self-esteem is the threat that makes you anxious.

A very interesting form of anxiety, one that merits study and understanding, is the kind of anxiety described by the danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard spoke of a general anxiety about the conditions of life itself. now labeled ontological anxiety. Ontological anxiety is reflected in questions such as: ‘where am I going?’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I to do with my life?’ ‘Is death the end of everything?’ A certain amount of concern over such questions is part and parcel of the human condition, and neither neurotic nor abnormal.

The poet William Wordsworth described anxiety well with these lines:

My apprehensions come in crowds;

I dread the rustling of the grass;

The very shadows of the clouds

Have power to shake me as they pass…

Anxiety caused by mental or emotional conflicts, not objectives circumstances. Without knowing something about someone’s personals history or life situation we can only speculate as to what triggered his or her anxiety attack. However long-standing doubts about aggressive tendencies and/or sexual desires provide common examples of the kinds of factors, unlike fear, the subject often perceives the source of the threat in vague or poorly defined terms.

How to Know Which Morning Sickness Medication You Should Choose

For some women, morning sickness is a bother that will resolve itself early in the second trimester. But, for other women, it sickness is a threatening condition which can only be treated by morning sickness medication.

Only you and your doctor can come to the best conclusion as to whether or not you need some morning sickness medication. Study the drugs the best you can so you can be fully prepared for any reaction that might occur. The best way to know which one you should choose is to know everything possible about each drug.

But, in the end, you have to make the best decision for you and your baby – not the nosy neighbor who thinks that you are a terrible person if you don’t go herbal for everything!

Let’s take a look at the medications that are available to pregnant women:

Over-the-Counter Help

I found several places where Unisom was suggested to help ease morning sickness. Here’s the low-down on it:

Doxylamine Succinate (Unisom) – it is a sedating antihistamine used as a short-term sedative. It is usually taken with B6 when used for morning sickness. A form of this combination was used up until the 80’s under the name Bendectin.

Safety in Pregnancy – generally considered safe in pregnancy but use at your own risk.

Possible Side Effects – dry mouth; if overdosed, can cause insomnia, dilated pupils, hallucinations, seizures

Dosage Form – pill

Bendectin Note: The drug combination was pulled from the market in the 80’s because of threatened legal action due to alleged links to congenital limb defects. These accusations were never proven.

Emetrol – is an anti-nausea, antiemetic drug that is safe for children. Many women turn to this medication first in order to calm their queasy stomach. It contains glucose, fructose and phosphoric acid. One alternative to this medicine is to take 1 tablespoon of caffeine free cola.

Safety in Pregnancy – considered safe during pregnancy

Possible Side Effects – phosphoric acid has been shown to decrease bone density and weaken the teeth. Many people ingest large quantities of phosphoric acid through soda.

Dosage Form – syrup


Your doctor can prescribe medication to help morning sickness go away, but will probably only do so if you are diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness. Otherwise, the potential risk of taking the drugs is greater than the morning sickness itself.

Here are some of the options you might be offered:

Metoclopramide (Reglan) – as we discussed in the article regarding causes of morning sickness, the elevated levels of progesterone in your body will cause your digestive muscles to relax, causing your stomach to empty more slowly. Reglan strengthens the muscle of the lower esophageal sphincter (right where your esophagus and stomach meet, in about the middle of your chest). It can also stimulate the stomach muscles which will speed the emptying of the stomach. Reglan also interacts with the centers in your brain that trigger nausea.

Safety in Pregnancy – has not been well established. When used at low doses for a short period of time, it seems to be fine. But, the same source said that nursing mothers should avoid Reglan.

Possible Side Effects – restlessness, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, sedation, neurological side effects that mimic Parkinson’s disease.

Dosage Form – Tablet or syrup

Ondansetron (Zofran) – blocks the action of chemicals in your body that trigger nausea, specifically by reducing the activity of the vagus nerve.

Safety in Pregnancy – is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby. They aren’t sure if it passes to the baby through breast milk, so don’t take this if you are nursing.

Possible Side Effects – blurred vision or vision loss, slow heart rate, trouble breathing, anxiety, agitation, shivering, feeling like you might pass out, urinating less or not at all, can impair your thinking and reaction time so you can’t drive while taking it.

Dosage Form – IV or pill

Prochlorperazine (Compazine) – this is actually considered an antipsychotic drug which is 10 to 20 times more potent than chlorpromazine. It is a neuroleptic which means “nerve-seizing” and it has a semi-paralyzing effect on the brain and the nervous system. The effects of the dose, depending on how it is administered, only last hours from the research I was able to find.

Safety in Pregnancy – this drug does cross the placenta and is still considered safe during pregnancy even though in rat studies it produced increased fetal mortality, minor behavioral changes, cleft palate, among other observations.

Possible Side Effects – uncontrollable body or face movements, seizures or seizure-like symptoms, can cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), is a blood reactant and can cause circulatory damage when used as a push IV in the emergency room.

Dosage Form – liquid, tablet, cream, suppository, injection

Promethazine (Phenergan) – operates as an antihistamine and an antiemetic. It has a strong sedative effect and is prescribed for insomnia.

Safety in Pregnancy – crosses the placenta, not enough human data, seems to cause cardiovascular defects with 1st trimester exposure, can cause respiratory depression and platelet dysfunction in the baby when used in

Possible Side Effects – confusion, drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, chest discomfort or pressure, restless legs, irritability, seizures, NMS

Dosage Form – IV

Trimethobenzamide (Tigan) – it is unknown exactly how this drug works but it is thought to effect the lower half of the brainstem which receives input from blood-borne drugs and communicates with the vomiting center of the brain.

Safety in Pregnancy – limited human data available but seems to cause congenital anomalies, though this is unproven. May increase the chance of miscarriage.

Possible Side Effects – seizure, body spasms, depression, shakiness, skin rash, sore throat or fever, tiredness, vomiting. WorstPills.org lists this as a “do not use” drug because they feel there is not sufficient proof as to its effectiveness.

Dosage Form – capsules, injection, suppositories

As you can see, some of the possibilities are pretty scary when it comes to morning sickness medication. The best thing you can do is to gather all the facts and weigh out the possibilities with your own reality. A very severe case of morning sickness might be more dangerous for your little one than the possible side effects of some of these medications.

I try to take the herbal road whenever possible, but sometimes extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. As I mentioned before, only you and your doctor can really make the final decision on whether one of these drugs can work for you.

5 Essential Steps to Remove Ingrown Nose Hair Safely and Effectively

All of us have at one stage or another suffered from an ingrown nose hair. Ingrown and ingrown nose hair can be an embarrassing, annoying and painful subject. Ingrown hair is caused by skin suffering from a lack of moisture. Other factors which can also contribute to ingrown hair are: Embedded oil in the hair follicles and the built-up of dead skin cells in the pores. Coarse curly hair growing in a curved hair follicle can also be a culprit and can cause ingrown hair.

There are a few effects of ingrown hair including constant swelling and tenderness. Inflammation can result. You can also experience itching or tingling and have mild or severe pain. An infected ingrown hair can rupture and results in bleeding.

How to remove ingrown nose hair safely and effectively

An ingrown nose follicle is not easy to treat or remove. The nose area is a bit small and it’s difficult to see inside your nostril. Follow these easy steps and you’ll soon be rid of this nasty little fellow.

1. First dab a clean, disinfected cloth in as hot as you can handle water.

2. Gently rub the cloth over the infected area to soften and open up the hair follicle.

3. Then apply a little pressure and pinch the area slightly.

4. When the ingrown hair and ugly stuff are removed, disinfect the area with a mild disinfectant.

5. If you can see a hair sticking out, you can use a tweezers to gently pluck the hair out. Use tweezers carefully around your nostrils and proceed with caution.

Always use a good quality stainless steel tweezers. Treat the nose are with sensitivity and you’ll soon be free from ingrown nose hair.

What to Look For in Nail Files and Buffers

One of the most important decisions that you will make when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your salon is the types of nail files and buffers that you will use. If you are new to the business then you may not even be aware that there are different types available to choose from. Surely a file is a file and they just come in different shapes and styles? Well unfortunately the differences between files are slightly more complicated than you would imagine them to be! If you get it wrong you could end up seriously damaging your client’s nails!

What you need to be Aware Of

The first thing that you need to understand is the difference between nail files and nail buffers.

Nail files are used to generally shorten the length of the nail and to shape the nail too. They are typically quite long and flat and you can get single as well as double files. Nail buffers on the other hand are used to perfect the nail and to remove any marks, as well as polish the surface of the nails. They tend to be quite chunky and you can get a three way buffer that works to trim, clean and polish the nails.

Once you understand the differences between the two tools, you then need to know more about the differences in abrasion.

Abrasion is what causes the nails to shorten. You use the file to rub over the top of the nail and it literally rubs the nail away. To achieve this grit is used and different files have a different amount of grit on them. The higher the grit, the gentler the file will be on the nails. The lower the grit, the harsher it will be.

Why you need to be Careful

You need to be careful when you choose a file to use on each client. If you choose a file that has little grit, it could potentially damage your client’s nails. Generally lower grit files should be used on tough overlay materials; they should never be used on natural nails.

The most common grit files tend to be 80,100,180,240, 360, 400-900 and 900-1200. If you are going to be performing a treatment on natural nails then you should never use a file with grit that is less than 240. However, this may be canceled out if you are working on a pedicure on the big toe. The big toe nail is tough and it can be hard to file down. So on these occasions you may be able to get away with using a grit file of 180.

Overall if you use anything less than 240 on natural nails then it can really damage the nail. You need to keep the advice mentioned within this article in mind if you want to do the best job possible.

Dealing With Racquetball Injuries

Playing any type of sports always entails risks of injuries. Racquetball is one sports activity that can be risky looking at the speed of play and the equipments used (racquets and balls).

Nevertheless, it is a presented with that sports injuries C severe, superficial or critical C can always be avoided, if you take safeguards. Apart from the protection gears you need to wear, the next are some reminders for you to deal with your racquetball-related injuries.

Eye protection

Racquetball is reckoned a lightweight sport when equated with others which can produce some terrible critical injuries. Alternatively, it is one of the most injury-prone sports because of the speed of the ball traveling within the small confines of the playing court.

Ninety- 5% of these injuries contains being hit in the eyes by the ball. Interior bleeding in the eye socket, lacerations, bleeding eyelids, abrasions, swollen eyes C these are the a lot off the most commonplace eye injuries.

Wearing correct eye gear prevents fundamental injuries to the eye. Be certain to check if your goggles are the right way recommended by the American Standard of Testing and Materials, and the Canadian Standards Association.

Feet protective cover

Racquetball is one game where you do a lot of running. It follows that you need to maintain your feet all during the game.

Ankle sprains can sideline you for in any case 7 days and disrupt your activities. Achilles tendon injuries are rare but they need correct medical care.

Blisters and calluses occur most often if you possess the wrong footwear or if they are a new pair and had not been broken in yet. Dont throw the old pair until you have the new ones fit your feet just right. Afterwards, you can play a hard game with them.

Elbow protective cover

They might call it tennis elbow, but this injury also happens to racquetball players. (Only 5% of all cases happen to tennis players.)

Manifestations incorporates pain around the elbow joint, with tenderness occurring on or underneath the bony bump. Natural expansive arm movements (even simple grip movements) can lead to pain and exacerbate the injury. Follow your physicians advice.

Next, talk over with your racquetball expert for incorrect technique in racquet handling. Is your grip wrong? What about the mass and type of your racquet?

Shoulder protection

Shoulder injury is caused by utilizing the shoulders C and not the right way using the side of the body C in swinging your racquet. These injuries generally develop from a past fall or a slam on the wall.

Remember: Use the entire side of the body in swinging the racquet, NOT the shoulders.

Knee protective cover

All the running and pivoting around on your feet is tough on your knees. In racquetball, all kinds of knee injuries are possible.

These injuries are sneaky, too. They commence with a dull ache somewhere around the sides or back of the knee right after playing. Later, the anguish arrives before, during, and after your play.

Get yourself a professional to teach you the proper stretching and conditioning program for your knees. (While you are at it, you may incorporate all the necessary conditioning moves for all the parts of the body that complement your racquetball playing.)

Racquetball is supposed to be fun. Avoid injuries before they can happen.

The Point of No Communication – Why Some People Never Talk Again With Their Ex

For some people, getting back with your ex may seem like a good idea after a break up, but in some cases this is not entirely the most viable option.

When people break up for a whole variety of reasons and circumstances, the thought of getting back together with their ex is overwhelming, and therefore shows that the person is dependent on their ex for their happiness and purpose in life. Moving on is never an option for these people. But some people, after a good or bad break up, resort to doing an NC or No Communication to their ex’s. What does this mean? When certain people do this, they usually do this because they want to move on with their lives by not being in touch with their ex, whether it’s in email, SMS, voice calls, IM’s and other mediums of communication. This is of course a very hard thing to do, cutting off someone who you’ve shared intimate moments with in your life. There are a number of reasons why people do this and the following reasons listed below are just some of the most widely used reasons:

1.) Moving on – as stated earlier, people who break up with their partners don’t resume communications with their ex’s for the sole purpose of moving on. Getting over someone is not easy when that someone is still in contact with you, triggering every memory you’ve once shared and this will hurt you when you remember such memories.

2.) Bruised self esteem – after a break up, self esteem is probably at a low point and for some, this usually results in depression. People whose self esteem are bruised end up not communicating with their ex for the sake of saving what’s left of their self esteem. You see, recovering from a break up also means putting yourself whole again. The weighing anchor of an ex still in contact with you, even for friendship’s sake, will not do anyone good especially if a person has low self esteem.

3.) Pride – people often think that they are victims of a break up, even though sometimes it’s their fault. By not admitting to their faults, non communication with their ex is a matter of pride to them. Their mentality of “It’s not my fault so why should I even bother to talk with him/her” keeps them from talking with their ex’s and though this is clearly just a defense and coping mechanism from dealing with heartache, it happens to a lot of people.

These are just some of the most widely used reasons why people never talk with their ex’s after a break up. Though getting back together with your ex is an ideal and viable option , it never hurts to think of other options to help you move on with your life and detach yourself from your past relationship and go find happiness in someone new.

The Sinus Infection Headache

Nowadays there are many advertisements for pills that treat sinus infection and many people have come to think that all their headaches are caused by a sinus infection. This is very untrue, because there are many differences between a sinus infection headache and a headache caused by other problems.

When you have a sinus infection, one of the symptoms will surely be a headache. However, this headache that is caracteristic for sinusitis, which is a sinus infection, only happens while you are awake. The headaches that you might experience during the night are rarely, if ever, caused by a sinus infection. However, if there is any change in the pressure of the atmosphere or in the temperature, a sinus infection may appear together with a headache. To better understand this, here are some examples. If you are in an airplane, where there is a change in pressure, this is a good enough reason to suffer from a headache that was caused by your sinus, even if you do not suffer from any sinus infection. There are people that say that their headaches caused by the sinus appear when the whether changes. Those people do not necessarily have a very bad sinus infection. When you suffer from a headache or a pressure in your face that can be associated with a sinus infection, then there are some more symptoms that come along. A nasal blockage is almost always found in sinus infection problems. For this symptom of a sinus infection there are special nose sprays that you can buy from the pharmacy, no prescription needed.

There are a lot of factors that can cause a sinus infection. The most common reason why one can develop a sinus infection is because an upper respiratory problem. This has caused the person to have a swelling or a blockage in his/ her nose. As a result, your sinus may be affected, leading to a sinus infection. Sinusitis, which is a sinus infection, can be at first caused by a viral infection of the sinus. However, after a few days, this sinus infect on can become a bacterial infection. If this is the case, then you will experience pus in your nose. People that suffer from sinus infections on a regular bases can also have one or even more conditions that make them susceptible to sinus infection. There causes that add up to sinus infection risk are a deviated septum, polyps or allergies.

Ovarian Cysts No More by Mary Parker – A Review of This Popular EBook

Ovarian Cysts No More, by Mary Parker is a popular book which claims to reveal the secrets to eliminating the often painful condition of ovarian cysts. Sometimes, on first glimpse of these types of promises, it’s very easy to feel cynical, particularly if you have already tried everything going!

I obtained a copy of this book specifically for the purpose of considering including it on my natural health website. I had heard about it from others in the natural health field and as this is a common condition for which there are no real satisfactory conventional cures, I felt it could be a worthy contender if it really was as good as the claims made it out to be.

Ovarian cysts are one of those conditions which are largely brought about by a number of factors which may include lifestyle, environment and hereditary conditions. There is often no obvious cause and this is one of the reasons why conventional treatment cannot deal with it. The only way to proper treatment is to eliminate the root causes and Ovarian Cysts No More claims that this is at its very core.

Now I’m not going to claim that I’ve suffered from ovarian cysts and being cured myself. However, when I downloaded the book last week I was absolutely fascinated. What you will get is a 198 page book full of the most comprehensive advice available anywhere. The information is well-organized and Mary inspires the reader with total confidence. On reading the book, I had many, many “lightbulb” moments which made it very clear why certain women get this condition and how getting rid of them simply requires the right approach.

What really sets Ovarian Cysts No More apart from anything else out there is the free counseling which is offered. The author, Mary Parker, is a “real” person who, ( I know from personal experience) responds promptly to emails and queries and this means a lot. When I’ve reviewed products before, I’ve often felt that the commitment to the customers is exemplified by the response to inquiries-and this has been sadly lacking in some areas. Not this one though! Mary will personally take you step-by-step though anything you do not understand, or are having difficulty with, to ensure that you get the best possible result.

I can highly recommend Ovarian Cysts No More.

Red Penis – Why Does a Penis Get Red and How to Treat the Problem

The good news is that men suffering from a red penis are not alone. This is a common condition that most men experience at some stage during their life time and it is usually caused by something that is simple and easy to treat.

A red penis is often caused by inflammation and is medically referred to as ‘Balanitis’. This is a Greek word, which means ‘inflamed acorn’. In most cases a red penis does not only look angry and uninviting, but also painful, frustrating and, at times, itchy. Plus, for many men it is embarrassing, especially when they are in the mood for sexual intercourse but their penis is not.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection. The tissue in the skin becomes red and angry looking, and may even be swollen, feel hot, and be painful to the touch. This is the body’s defense mechanism. The immune system sends in an army of white blood cells to fight bacteria and viruses or other foreign matter, so that the body can begin to repair any damage.

Often, when white blood cells are deployed a chemical reaction takes place in the body and this stimulates an increase in blood flow to the area that is damaged or injured. This increased blood flow transports the white blood cells and other cells that are need to repair the infected area. Hence, the color of the skin changes, as does its feel.

So, while inflammation looks bad, it often is a sign that the body is working correctly. This is when it is important to find the cause so that the body is assisted in its fight and the health of the penis can be restored.

Battling the Embarrassment of a Red Penis

Sure, turning off the lights and pretending there is no problem is a solution but it’s only a short term solution. It is unlikely to find the actual cause of the red penis. Plus, this type of behavior may lead to far greater problems. The condition can become worse, especially if the red penis is caused by an infection, skin complaint, or a more serious illness that the body’s white blood cells cannot fight alone.

So, stop being embarrassed and find out what is causing the red penis. In many cases early diagnoses and treatment of penis conditions can lead to a full recovery with little or no impairment of sexual function.

Causes of a Red Penis

Other common causes of a red penis include the following:

Poor hygiene – While most men clean their penis correctly, some do not, especially those who are not circumcised. This can lead to a build-up of a cheesy looking material called ‘smegma’ which will then cause skin irritations and a red penis. To clear this infection up, wash the penis in saltwater. Mix kitchen salt and warm water together until it tastes like sea water, and then bathe the penis in this until the infection clears.

An allergic reaction – Certain underwear, latex, and using products that contain a fragrance may irritate the skin of the penis. If it is suspected that such products are causing the red penis it is recommended that the products stop being used and that alternatives are found.

Thrush – The female vagina is PH balanced. This is controlled by bacteria called thrush, also known as Candida. Sometimes the skin of the penis is irritated by candida and this can cause a red penis. To avoid irritation it is recommended that the penis is cleansed in warm water after sex, or that a protective sheath, such as a condom, is worn during intercourse.

Please note – a woman may have what is known as a candida infection, where her body is over producing the normally healthy bacteria, and this can lead to penis itching and redness. If this is suspected, it is recommended that the woman receive treatment for her condition so that her PH balance returns to normal.

However, in most cases a red penis is caused by a lack of skin care. Think about the penis for a second. It is one of the most used parts of the male anatomy. It is placed under extreme pressure and stress. It has high expectations placed upon it. But it is rarely cared for. And this undoubtedly is where most men’s problems begin. This is why it is important to start a skin care rĂ©gime for the penis.

A daily moisturizer that is a penis specific creme (health professionals often recommend Man1 Man Oil) is an excellent place to start. These types of products contain essential vitamins and minerals that care for and maintain the health of the penis which can improve the skin’s resilience during sex and increase sexual function and penis skin sensitivity. Coupled with a balanced, healthy diet and exercise, this will lead to better sexual performance and endurance.