Lanval: Ladies Man or Girly Man?

Abstract: In Marie de France's Lanval was Lanval truly a homosexual and alluded to in the following verses, and what were the punishments for homosexuality in the Middle Ages?

"That women are not what you prefer".
But you have many little boys,
With whom you take your joys "(lines 278-280).

In Lanval, by Marie de France, Lanval is accused of being a homosexual by Queen Guinevere after Lanval refuses to accept Guinevere's advances. Although Lanval explains to Guinevere that he had saved himself for his fair lady and is loyal to his king, it seems as if Guinevere thinks that Lanval is lying and accuses him of being a homosexual. She then puts him on trial for turning down her advances even though he had done so out of love and his loyalty to the king. This paper will seek to research the medieval outlook on homosexuality and common punishments that were handed out from being found to be a homosexual in medieval times and the social ramifications of being accused or found guilty.

First, in medieval times there was an ecumenical council that condemned homosexual couplings. This council was established in 1179 and was called Lateren III ( This council was attended by 302 bishops and presided over by Pope Alexander III. This council also dealt with other social stigmas such as heresy and sodomy. The church took allegations of homosexuality very serious and the condemned could have faced beheading or being burnt at the stake. There were specific torture devices used on a condemned homosexual. One such device was called the Pear of Anguish. It had the shape of a pear and, as the handle was turned, the spoon shaped lobes flowered open causing major damage to the intestines of the victim when inserted into the anus. This apparatus was rarely washed so that the victim would surely succumb to infection if he managed to live through the intestine damage. This device was used widespread as punishment for a plethora of crimes, one of them being homosexuality.

Being found guilty of homosexuality in the Middle Ages for a person of noble status could bring forth excommunication from the church and exile from the kingdom. Although it was not a death sentence, being exiled could be far worse than death. Being cut off from one's land and court could be a fate worse than death for nobility. The exiled would be subjected to loss of status, land holdings, and any wealth that was accumulated through wills. This punishment of exile leaves the accused alone and far from familiar surrounds and people.

Next, one could argue that the queen's ego was bruised so badly that she had no recourse but to accuse Lanval of homosexuality. Lanval was bound by secrecy not to reveal his lover's name for fear that he would lose the hand of his beloved. Guinevere was so offended by her pass being discarded by Lanval that she took him to trial. Offending nobility was often a death sentence in itself. Taking Lanval to trial was a way to expose what she had perhaps heard others say about his sexual behavior. The line "But you have many little boys" (line 279) (de France) could not only insinuate homosexuality, but pedophilia as well. It is often overlooked that the reason that Lanval is put on trial to begin with is from the Queen's improper advancements. It was her improprieties and Lanval's refusal to betray his love and King that ends him up on trial. The Queen was the one that threw herself at Lanval and it was Lanval that refused. This is never brought up in open count; perhaps Lanval is so noble that he still wants to protect the honor of the Queen. However, this protection could very well cost Lanval dearly –either his life, exile, or his love. Perhaps it is Lanval's devotion to the King and his refusal to smear the name of the royal family and mark it with infidelity that makes Lanval endure the court proceedings.

Lastly, Lanval was put in an awkward situation by being bound by secrecy by his lover. The one thing that could exonerate Lanval from the charges of homosexuality is disclosing his relations with his beloved. Instead, he has to endure the stress of trial at the hand of the Queen. It is only at the last moment that he is saved from judgment being passed on to him by his beloved. His beloved could have, at any time, made her way to the Queen's court and exonerated Lanval. Her testimony of their sordid times in her tent would have quickly dissolved any thoughts of homosexuality from anyone that had an audience with the King and Queen at the court proceedings. Instead she waits until the last moment to save Lanval; letting him deal with the accusations and stress from the court proceedings with no way to exonerate himself without breaking his oath to his lover. This oath of secrecy does not help his case and Lanval's refusal to give up his lover's name for his innocence shows his passion towards her. The King's court, and the Queen, could view him as a homosexual that is making up lies of heterosexual intimate escapades to try and cover up the fact that he is truly a homosexual. In the end Lanval's lover came to his aid and it seemed as if there was no stigma put on him at the end of the poem. It is slightly ironic that throughout this whole story, even at the end where he is exonerated, the Queen is not brought forth before her King, and husband, to answer for her role in this whole ordeal.

In conclusion, homosexuality has been prevalent since ancient Roman and Greek times. These acts were not punished as harshly back in ancient times as they had been since the conversion to Christianity in the Middle Ages. The act of homosexuality was brought against Lanval by Queen Guinevere although no first hand evidence is brought against him except the refusal of Guinevere's advances by Lanval. It is hearsay and a bruised ego that leads Lanval to stand trial. Whether the trial was truly based on the Queen thinking that Lanval was a homosexual, and thus going against God's will, is never really openly discussed other than the aforementioned quote and the beginning of this text. It is more reasonable to assume that the Queen was furious out of her own vanity and lack of rejection coping skills that made Lanval a target for homosexual accusations to cover up her own improprieties. This argument stirs questions within the author of this paper as to how many people were put to death, or exiled out of vanity or the inability to cope with rejection throughout the ages.

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Shoulder Arm Pain – Get Rid of Your Pain

Nobody wants to consider the possibility of suffering a life-altering disability. Losing functionality or motion in the arm or shoulder can be devastating to the quality of life a person leads. Loss of movement and consistently severe pain are some of the impacts that a common injury can cause. Being aware of how Shoulder Arm Pain happens and how its treated can give you an edge in your own recovery.

Shoulder arm pain are often caused by some kind of accidental trauma or impact and can be of various levels of intensity which will determine the severity of the injury. Many times, various factors such as the general state of health of the patient such as fitness, activity level, age, bone density to name a few, will play a role in how serious the patient’s injury is.

The first step to a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis is to understand the patient’s history and physical situation. During the early stages of diagnostics the patient will be asked about their past and medical history to get a feel for possible causes of Health and Wellness. These questions will help give a broad spectrum of possibilities and narrow down the potential problems.

After suffering a shoulder injury, you should seek immediate medical consultation. A brief question and answer session with a doctor will shed light on the possible causes of your shoulder arm pain. At this point questions related to patient health problems, medical history and lifestyle will be asked to assess a broad concept of possible injury scenarios.

In most situations, Shoulder Arm Pain is caused by some kind of accidental trauma and can come in a wide variety of severities and scenarios. In many cases the trauma is derived from a wide array of factors such as patient age, fitness level, bone density and the patient’s aptitude for physical activity. All of these factors combined often dictate the level of injury that a patient suffers.

Separation: Could be because of a fall or a sharp blow to the top of the shoulder resulting in shoulder arm pain. Diagnosis is by taking X-ray with the patient holding a light weight that pulls on the muscles thereby making the separation more pronounced. Diagnosis is done by physical examination which includes primarily the looking of loss of normal rounded structure of the shoulder and X-ray. The treatment for shoulder dislocation is reduction under anesthesia.

Injuries that involve the actual bone of the shoulder may be far more severe and debilitating. These kinds of injuries are usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and overall weakness. Bone related injuries are usually much more painful and may require extensive measures to fully recover from.

The shoulder is a complex part of the body and many factors are often involved in its injury. Shoulder Arm Pain can most commonly be caused by a combination of traits, including: patient age, overall fitness level, bone density and the level of physical activity that the patient routinely engages in. Assessing all of these aspects is very important to diagnosis.

Before and After Duodenal Switch Surgery

Choosing the best technique for weight loss surgery is an individual decision for every doctor and patient due to numerous factors that could contribute to it. Usually, those persons having a BMI higher than 40 or suffering of diabetes are the most suitable patients for vertical gastrectomy. The best candidates for this procedure are those persons having a great BMI, sometimes their BMI going over 55. Statistics say that candidates with BMI over 50 will loss more weight if they have duodenal switch surgery than if they would had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Most of the times, heart failure patients and sleep apnea patients are excluded for this procedure, no matter what their BMI would be. Being a candidate for vertical gastrectomy surgery you must know that most of the bariatric clinics deem it as an experimental procedure.

Pre-surgery consultations will include a meeting with a dietitian, who will fix you a program to follow before and after the surgery. You will pass through some evaluations of your health situation regarding your heart, lungs, and your mental health. Before surgery, some patients will have to undergo an upper endoscopy examination to check if they have tumors, polyps, ulcer or the bacteria that causes ulcer, in their stomach.

You will be asked about the medication, vitamins, minerals or herbal treatments you are taking or of those that you might continue with after.

Your surgeon has to know if you are a smoker or if you are capable to quit smoking for at least six months after the surgery procedure because of the increasing risks a smoker has in this specific period of time like: pneumonia and other lung problems or blood clots. Drinking alcohol is also forbidden 48 hours before surgery; so you will be asked about having alcohol problems.

You will be recommended to try to lose few percents of your body weight before the duodenal switch procedure is programmed in order to benefit of a shorter hospital stay and a more rapid weight loss after the surgery.

A patient must always know those advantages that duodenal switch surgery might have for him:

1. The stomach remain bigger than in other bariatric surgeries types so you may eat larger meals without feeling any discomfort
2. The intestinal bypass is reversible for those patients that might have malabsorptive complications
3. Smaller risk of developing ulcers
4. Greater obesity-related illnesses disappearance
5. Weight loss process will continue for a longer period of time and the possibility to restart some unwanted gain weight is smaller.

The Anatomy and Progression of Allergies

In this article I am going take you the reader on a step by step "tour", of how I believe that most Allergies develop. We will start at childhood and work forward. I will use a compilation of all the previously agreed upon and accepted data in the fields of Naturopathy and Clinical Nutrition.

An allergy whether it is to "airborne allergens" like pollens, molds dust etc, to foods or to chemical or metallic substances all have the same begins. An Allergic person does not have a weak immune system. In fact their immune system is hyperactive. It is in a constant alarm state of awareness or readiness, constantly ready to attack a foreign invader at the slightest provocation. The Allergic person's immune system is truly hyperactive, so much so that it attacks things without careful enough examination of whether or not it is correct to do so.

The Allergy begins in the intestinal tract with the disruption of normal intestinal flora. Lactobacillus Acidophilus which inhabits the 20-30 foot long small intestine and Bifido Bacterium which inhabits the 6-8 foot long colon are the most abundant protective bacteria in the digestive tract. They help produce vitamins, help us digest and absorb nutrients from our foods and also protect us from harmful bacteria, parasites and yeasts which find their way into our digestive tract. When medication such antibiotics, steroids, antacids, and immune suppressing drugs are taking these friendly protective organisms die-off. This condition is called "Dysbiosis". "Dysbiosis" is a state of imbalance where the harmful micro-organisms achieve an abnormal dominance over the good organisms. This allows a build up of toxins produced by the organisms and also disrupts normal digestion. Due to this, stomach acid and enzymes produced by the pancreas that digest foods (particularly proteins) lessen. This leads to incomplete digestion of proteins. This is where the allergy really begins.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

The condition of Leaky Gut syndrome is formally known as "Intestinal Permeability". In this condition, the harmful microorganism that make up "Dysbiosis", harmful chemicals, drugs or toxic metals, and continued intestinal Allergic reactions damage the lining of the intestines. The Mucin lining is damaged. This is a protective barrier of proteins that are the first line of defense. Next microscopic damage occurs to the gut lining. This is not visible by a scope of any kind. This allows proteins, improperly digested foods chemicals and allergens that we breathe in to "fall through the cracks" and enter our blood stream. This condition underlies many auto immune diseases. It is the next stage of the chronic allergy state.

When proteins and other foods are not digested correctly and to the degree that the body wants them digested the body has difficulty recognizing them as food and handling them.
It could be truly said that when protein and foods are not digested correctly the body the views them as foreign invaders and the immune system attacks them. This is the most basic form and explanation of a food allergy is.

Also the "Parotid" gland has a functional role in preventing this abnormality. The Parotid gland is located in the area beneath ones tongue. It is the largest salivary gland. It job other then the mere production of saliva is to "tag" or identify for the immune system foreign bodies that should be attacked as an invading germ or toxin versus a substance which should be welcomed as a nutrient. The Parotid gland may become under active and this identification process may slacken.

During this attack histamine is produced in the body. It is the liver's job to reduce the histamine by detoxifying it. The Adrenal glands also produce anti-inflammatory hormones which further reduce the Allergic reactions. It becomes the job of the Liver and Adrenal glands to reduce the histamine produced by "mast cells" which are produced as part of the immune systems response to its attack. The Liver and Adrenals glands must also reduce the general inflammatory response that occurs due to immune systems attack.

If the liver and adrenal glands are not fully functioning or are themselves deficient in nutrients, then the histamine reaction and the inflammatory reaction can not be reduced correctly. This prolongs the allergic reaction and may intensify it.

Technically, allergic reactions of this kind are occurring constantly. There difference between the allergic person and the non allergic could be argued to be the ability of the person Adrenal and Liver function to "put out the fire" of the outbreak.

The Hyper immune Response

The Thymus gland is often referred to as the "Master Immune" gland. The Thymus and Adrenal glands have an antagonistic action on each other. When the Adrenal glands become under active due to long periods of exhausting stress the Thymus gland will tend to be overactive. It is the over activity of the thymus gland without the balancing effect of the Adrenal glands that ultimate produces the chronic state of an overactive Thymus gland.

The Allergic person does not have a weak immune system as stated earlier. The over activity of their immune system is as a direct result of the hyperactive state of their Thymus gland … It is the constant alarm state of the Thymus that ultimate powers much of the continuation of the Allergic state of being. The Thymus gland also stimulates and increases the activity of other parts of the immune system which are all part of the attack.

The Adrenal glands when properly functioning produce hormones of the Cortisol, Cortisone, Prednisone family which suppress and balance the excessive activity of the Thymus gland. This is in fact the theory behind treating auto immune conditions and conditions of excessive immune function like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Leukemia and other such illness with Prednisone. This is following the same basic law as described early of the Adrenals (which in turn produce prednisone) balancing the Thymus gland and its counterparts in the immune system.

So to help the Allergic person overcome their Allergies the following needs to occur.
Phase 0-2, the intestinal imbalance we call Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut syndrome, needs to be corrected, and normal flora and digestion restored. Phase 3-4 would include restoring Parotid, Adrenal and Liver function and balancing the axis between the Adrenals and Thymus gland. This can be expected to take quite a few months to do maybe longer. But it is the only system that addresses each stage of the Anatomy of the Allergy and corrects all the underlying causes!

Stress Fractures and Back Pain

You can relieve back pain if stress is affecting a fracture. The zones you want to focus on are the femur, patella, tibia, fibula, tarsus, and the metatarsus. Fractured bones to be precise are broken bones. The bones however are detained and held in tact by surfacing tension, as well as tissues that surround the bone. Fractures occur when the muscles are overexerted.

Many people are at risk of fractures, especially those who overexert the muscles while exercising. Some people strive to loose weight and fit in a bikini, accordingly these people may workout 7 hours in a day, which is overexerting the muscles. What these people fail to realize is that the muscles need rest, and that working out 30 minutes daily will help you loose weight.

Overexerting the muscles is one of the leading causes of fractures. To spot the problems doctors will use X-rays, bone scans, and so on. Fractures can worsen if left unattended. In short, if you injure the area and fail to seek medical assistance, your problem could worsen. While the body has elements that heal through a natural process, nature is interrupted as we age, which leads to slow healing. If you have sustained a fracture, it is wise to avoid workouts that overexert the muscles. It depends on the bones, i.e. if the elongated bones are fractured; you want to avoid overexerting the muscles up to eight weeks at most.

Fractures can affect the muscles. The muscles skeletal structure is made up of elongated threads of fiber. The fibers assist the muscles by supporting contractions and shortening, which joins the ending attachments. Tissue sheaths enclose around the fibers, which shape specific muscles. Within the muscles, blood will smooth out traveling over the muscles, which the blood will then spread out to the fasica and/or epimysium. The blood travels to the bundles of fasciculus, endomysium, nuclei, fibers and cells, etc.

Damage can occur to the muscles and tissues named. Damage includes complete and incomplete tears. Prolific bleeding may occur if the muscles are completely torn. The muscle damage can be treated with R.I.C.E, i.e. bed rest, ice packs, compression packs, and elevation. You will need to visit your doctor as well.

If the muscles are incompletely torn, likely sections of the sheath are interrupted as well. The injury is also treated with bed rest, ice packs, compression packs, and elevation.

Other tears occur in the muscles, which include intramuscular tears. The tear causes squander to enter the muscles, or blood and travel to the tissues. Fluid is restricted. The condition causes tenderness, and pain. Mobility is limited from this condition, which is in medical terms known as “intramuscular haematoma.”

If you are diagnosed with this condition, you will need bed rest, ice packs, compression packs, elevation, yet you should challenge the muscles in a couple of days. In other words, start moving around after you have rested in a couple of days.

Failing to do so will lead to worse conditions. Muscles can reduce contractions, which makes the muscles stiff and scar if movement is not applied. Calcification interchanges with the pannus. The results lead to joint subluxation disorders when calcification does not interchange. Calcification is irregular solidification, which can cause swelling and stiffness of the joints. In some instances, intramuscular haematoma can create calcification. Calcification disorders will deposits of calcium salt to occur, which makes the muscles unchangeable and inflexible. Unfortunately, intramuscular disorders can heal slowly, and sometimes surgery is necessary to correct the condition.

Back pain also occurs when the tendons are interrupted.

How to Maintain Erections For Longer Periods – Get Over Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erections for satisfactory sexual intercourse. This is a problem men dread. What is unfortunate is that a millions of men suffer with erectile problems throughout the world.

There is no denying that there are some highly effective medicines that can cure erectile problems or impotence in men. Viagra is the most well known and highly popular anti impotence pill. However, one of the major fallout of medications like Viagra and other similar prescribed drugs is their side effects.

How to Maintain Erections

Natural or herbal medications have been around for centuries. There are many herbs that have been used to cure erectile problems. Now these herbs and botanical extracts have been reinvented to formulate highly effective and natural pills that not only cure erectile dysfunction but also help boost your ejaculatory control and libido.

Before I tell you more about how herbal medications work, here is little more on why a large number of men lack the ability to maintain rock solid erections.

  • The prime reason behind impotence in men is reduced blood flow to the penis. This can be attributed to a lot of factors such as obesity, lack of physical activity and even certain lifestyle issues like excessive smoking, drinking alcohol or the use of recreational medications
  • Another reasons of decreased erectility is reduced secretion of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps smooth the penile muscles so that blood vessels can dilate and blood flow to the erectile tissue can be increased. Reduced secretion of nitric oxide therefore results in poor blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction is therefore inevitable. Nitric oxide secretion in your body reduces with age.
  • Low Testosterone Levels- Testosterone production begins slowing down with age and results in low libido and even impotence. Besides age, stress, depression etc., are also some of the factors that can lead to low testosterone levels and hamper erectile function.

Certain botanical and plant extracts can help cure this problem in men. One of the most powerful discoveries as far as treating ED is concerned is that of Pomegranate. A simple fruit like pomegranate not only helps boost libido but also increases the secretion of nitric oxide resulting in enhanced blood flow to the penis ensuring rock solid erections.

No wonder, it is being called the Natural Viagra.

There are some high quality pills that are now using Pomegranate 70% Ellagen as the main constituent. Other herbs and ingredients in such pills include ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma, horny goat weed, l-arginine, omega 3 fatty acids etc.,

The most significant advantage of such pills is that they do not have any side effects. This is what gives them an edge over prescribed medications.

How to out lands check Tweet Get Powerful Erections and the Ability to last LONGER in bed.

Colon Polyps – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Colon Polyps could be understood as the freshly growths inside the large intestines. The large intestines are also called as colon and that is where Colon Polyps corps up from. This is quite a common medical problem and this gets surfacing with aging. More than half of the people who are above the age of 60 would be likely to have this problem. However, the concern is alarming when this growth is cancerous is nature. This would lead to deaths in most of the cases. This is why it is so important that Colon Polyps should be diagnosed and removed before it takes the shape of the cancerous one, causing deaths.

Despite being such a common medical condition, we still can not be sure about the actual cause of the same. The only thing that could be said about the formation of the Polyps is the abnormal growth of the cells. In our body the cells are produced and are divided as per the need of the body. These wear out in some time and the new once are produced, now, the problem here would be that the cell produced would keep dividing and these would not die and this would form Colon Polyps and stick to the inner wall of the colon before these would turn cancerous.

It takes some time for these Polyps to form and turn cancerous. The treatment is best before these turn in to cancerous Polyps. However, the symptoms should be looked for and you should know when to consult the doctor. Rectal bleeding could be an alarming symptom. Blood in the stool, constipation, narrowing of the stool, diarrhea, abdomen pain, vomiting or nausea could be some other symptoms. Though, these could be an indication for other things as well. Hence, the same need to be checked for Colon Polyps. If the abdominal pain, changing bowel habits and blood in the stool are persistent for a week, then the doctor should be consulted. If you are above 50 years, a regular screening for Colon Polyps is indispensable.

There are different kinds of Colon Polyps and depending upon the one you are affected with the treatment needs to be undertaken. The treatment for Colon Polyps would save your life from these getting into cancerous one and causing death. Snare is a treatment method where these Colon Polyps are cut using a wire during sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. When these are too large to be snared then Surgery is required to clean the lager intestine. The Laparoscopic surgery options are best in this case for better results and speedy recovery. Another alternative treatment would be the Endoscopic mucosal resection – this is not a surgical procedure.

There a liquid is used which would detach the Colon Polyps from the inner lining of the intestine and these could come out with stool. The Colon and rectum removal is also another alternative treatment method, this is not extensively used. For only some rare and specific medical condition this option is opted for.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys and the Challenges They Face

If your child is suffering from cerebral palsy from what your believe was physician’s error, you want to find the most experienced help available to institute an action against the doctor. Cerebral palsy attorneys understand the effects of your child’s heartbreaking disorder on your family and your need for financial assistance for all of the past and future medical expenses necessary for the child’s treatment. However, bringing a cerebral palsy lawsuit is a long and complicated process, wrought with challenges, such as the ones listed below:

The action must be meritorious

In New York, a cerebral palsy lawyer cannot start an action against an obstetrician for infant’s birth trauma without an expert doctor reviewing the medical records first, and stating that there is a possibility that the doctor may be held liable. This means that even before the lawsuit is filed the attorney needs to spend money on hiring an expert to go over the child’s records to confirm that the case is meritorious, even if the attorney feels that the case is winnable.

Cause of cerebral palsy

Specific causes of cerebral palsy aren’t always clear and some cases are due to the mother’s health history and pregnancy complications, premature birth, blood disease or other causes not related to birth trauma during labor and delivery. The defendant physician will surely argue that the infant’s brain damage was caused by reasons other than his negligence, such as infection, and It is the job of a cerebral palsy lawyer to pinpoint, through reviewing the mother’s and infant’s records, that the injury was a direct cause of the lack of fetal monitoring during birth.

Statute of Limitations

In cases of mild cerebral palsy the parent may not become aware of the child’s disability until several years later. In the meantime, the parent’s cause of action for loss of services of the child or medical expenses is ticking away. In New York there is a limited time for a parent to start a lawsuit, and if he waits too long, the action may be dismissed. Likewise, even though the infant enjoys the tolling of the statute for 10 years, the action must still be started timely to have any possibility of recovery. The issue for cerebral palsy attorneys is pinpointing exactly when the omission by the doctor was made, in order to calculate when the statue of limitations starts running.

Expert fees

Most cerebral palsy attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not recover any attorney’s fees until they obtain a settlement or a verdict for their clients. Furthermore, they front most of the expenses of the litigation, and one of such expenses is expert fees, that are payable prior to trial for a witness to testify on the plaintiff’s behalf. These days such fees run into thousands, making it difficult for attorneys to accept questionable cases of cerebral palsy for fear that they may not be winnable in court while the fee to the expert must be paid nevertheless.

Knowing that together with the fact that juries are notoriously pro-defendant in medical malpractice actions and prefer to dismiss cases against physicians makes cerebral palsy attorneys’ practice very challenging. However, many persevere and come out victorious at trial, getting justice for their clients.

Cure Fibroids Naturally – 4 Natural Ways to Cure Fibroids

As a woman with uterine fibroids, you are often faced with devastating choices. Most of these choices revolve around the need to have surgery to get rid of uterine fibroids and to keep them from recurring. Most people would rather find ways to cure fibroids naturally than have to resort to surgery. Some remedies to ease the pain and health problems of fibroids are:

1. Eating the right foods that are low in fat and high in fiber often help to reduce symptoms of uterine growths. High fat foods place a terrible burden on the liver, resulting in the creation of greater amounts of estrogen, which lead to fibroid growth.

2. Milk Thistle- This works to repair the liver, blocks toxins from entering, and keeps free radicals out. This must be taken in 140-milligram doses three times a days for three months to see results.

3. Herbal Tea- Another way to cure fibroids naturally is with the use of herbal tea. This can be brewed from cramp bark, burdock, wild yam, at 2 teaspoons and prickly ash bark, ginger, and mullein leaves each at one teaspoon. This should be consumed twice a day to alleviate swelling and shrink the growths.

3. Another way to cure fibroids naturally is through the use of essential oils like borage, flax-seed, and evening primrose. They have essential fatty acids that help relive inflammation from fibroids. Take two to three tablespoons each day.

4. Many women have also found a way to cure fibroids naturally using sitz baths. They work by reducing the pain from the inflammation that fibroids cause.

Women who have to suffer through the pain, swelling, infertility, and bloating associated with uterine growths are searching for a way to cure fibroids naturally.

Changing VO2max by Breathing Differently at Rest

VO2max is the key factor in athletic endurance. Currently it is the best predictor of performance in many sports. However, only a very few people know that VO2max is tightly linked with the breathing pattern and body oxygenation of the athlete at rest. Hence, if the athlete changes their unconscious breathing pattern at rest, his VO2max will also change.

Patients with heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and many other diseases have low body oxygen content 24/7. They suffer from tissue hypoxia (low oxygenation), excessive anaerobic metabolism, and high blood lactate already at rest. Hence, when they have even light exercise, anaerobic energy production sharply increases, lactate quickly rises, and experiences of pain and physical exhaustion are the outcomes.

Oxygen delivery cascade (from outer air to body cells) and tissue oxygenation depend on our breathing. How? Hundreds of physiological studies proved that the more we breathe at rest, the less oxygen is delivered to tissues. Consider the basics of oxygen transport.

When we breathe more than the medical norm (which is 6 l of air per minute), our arterial blood is almost fully saturated with O2 (up to about 98%) and cannot get much more additional oxygen. However, during overbreathing we exhale (or lose) more CO2 and hypocapnia (CO2-deficiency) in all body cells causes 2 negative effects in oxygen transport:

1) Vasoconstriction: our blood vessels are CO2-sensitive and CO2 is a powerful vasodilator. (This effect explains, according to tens of medical publications, why we can easily pass out or faint due to heavy voluntary hyperventilation.)

2) The suppressed Bohr effect: the Bohr law governs oxygen release in tissues; O2 is mainly left in those parts and organs of the body which have high CO2 content (or metabolically active). When we hyperventilate, less O2 is unloaded in all tissues since CO2 is a chemical catalyser of this release.

Indeed, dozens of published studies found that ALL sick people with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, etc., breathe at least 2-3 times more air than the norm and suffer, as a result of overbreathing, from tissue hypoxia (see my other articles for these references.) They usually breathe about 15 l/min instead of 6, while utilizing less than 10% of inhaled oxygen (over 90% is breathed out).

During maximum exercise humans can have up to 150 l/min for minute ventilation. Thus, if sick people start mild exercise and they require 10 times more energy than at rest, they will breathe about 10 times more or about 150 l/min, but this is near the human physiological limit.

People with normal minute ventilation at rest (6 l/min) during the same mild exercise (10 times energy expenditure increase) will breathe about 60 l/min. Such breathing is much lighter. It indicates their better fitness and can be done strictly through the nose.

It is not a surprise then that the amount of freely available oxygen in normal people is high or about 40-60 s (breath holding time after exhalation and without any pushing themselves for better numbers), while sick people can hold their breath for this special test (again, it involves usual exhalation and no stress at the end of the test) only for 10-15 s of oxygen. This completely confirms the main practical law of respiratory physiology: more breathing means worse tissue oxygenation.

However, if an athlete learns how to breathe much less than the norm 24/7 or only about 2 l/min at rest or during sleep for minute ventilation, their body oxygenation will be about 2-3 minutes. During the same mild exercise (with tenfold metabolic rate) their minute ventilation will be only about 20 l/min (or slightly more than the sick people breathe at rest). There are, indeed, two well known facts that (a) fittest athletes breathe less during exercise and (b) when an athlete is in his peak shape his breathing during races is much lighter.

Such breathing retraining can be achieved within 1-2 months. It will result in very light breathing at rest (only 3-4 breaths per minute even during sleep) and greatly increased VO2max values, up to 10-15%.

This short respiratory review in exercise physiology explains why numerous Soviet elite athletes, including many Olympic champions, used the Buteyko breathing method, as a secret weapon, for superior sport performance. Tens of Australian Olympians also learned the same breathing technique during recent years.

How Do Children Get Cerebral Palsy?

There are estimates that as many as 700 out of every 100,000 babies that are born in the US have suffered from some type of harm during labor and/or delivery. Birth injuries, sometimes referred to as birth traumas, can vary in severity.

Unfortunately, in some instances, birth traumas are caused by the negligence of the medical team; the very people who are responsible for the well being of both mother and child.

Although there are many types of birth injuries, one of the most common is cerebral palsy. It can result from abnormalities or injuries in the brain. It can also be the result of brain damage that was caused during child birth and is often caused by trauma or low levels of oxygen.

When Will the Signs of Cerebral Palsy Appear?

Every year approximately 1,200 to 1,500 preschool children and 8,000 infants are diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the United States. More than 80% of cerebral palsy cases develop within a child’s first month. However, they may appear until a child is three years of age.

Cerebral is a term that refers to the brain. Palsy refers to a lack of being able to control your body. It is a type of paralysis.

Cerebral palsy is not a disease. It is a number of chronic conditions that affect learning, thinking, muscle condition, and body movement. A person stricken with cerebral palsy usually will have a difficult time maintaining their balance and moving.

Nonetheless, there are many treatments now available. One of the most vital tools available to treat these conditions is physical therapy.

Children afflicted with cerebral palsy usually find it difficult to walk and have challenges using the bathroom. However, with early intervention and continual treatment their locomotive limitations can often be substantially reduced.

Physical therapy for kids with this condition focuses on improving their skeletal and muscular movement as well as their coordination. The goal of the therapy is to help children become more mobile and to become more independent. This is accomplished with exercise, massage, the use of certain devices, and applications of heat and cold.

With proper therapy and devices such as braces, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, children can learn to be more mobile.

It can be very expensive for a family to care for a child struck with cerebral palsy. Seven years ago the average lifetime cost of caring for one person who was struck with cerebral palsy was approximately $921,000.

If the medical team that was involved with the labor and delivery of a parent of a child who developed cerebral palsy was responsible for the condition they can be held accountable.

Hepatitis Part I – What Causes Hepatitis

Hepatitis is characterized by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue caused by excessive alcohol drinking, disorders of the gall bladder or pancreas, including medication side effects, and infections. There are many other infective agents that can cause inflammation of the liver, or hepatitis. However, the term is unfortunately commonly used to refer to a particular group of viruses such as Hepatitis A, B, and C.

A person can develop hepatitis if they contract one of the viruses that can cause liver inflammation, or as a result of exposure to substances that can cause hepatitis. There are two ways that can lead to hepatitis: it can either occur as a result of infections or from autoimmune processes.

Hepatitis can be divided into two subgroups:

1. Acute hepatitis

Acute hepatitis caused by the below in result of inflammation that causes damaging to the liver’s normal function and lasting less than six months. People having a weakened immune system and weaken liver, making them more susceptible to be infected by hepatitis.

a) Infectious viral hepatitis such as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.

b) Inflammation of liver caused by Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus.

c) Inflammation of liver caused by other bacteria.

d) Medication overdose causing damage to liver tissues and cells such as tranquilizers, chemotherapeutic agents, antibiotics and anesthetics.

e) Excessive alcohol drinking.

2. Chronic hepatitis:

Chronic hepatitis means active, ongoing inflammation of the liver persisting for more than six months. Chronic hepatitis, although much less common than acute hepatitis, can persist for years, even decades. In most people, it is quite mild and does not cause significant liver damage. It may be caused by hepatitis B and C viruses, drugs and excessive alcohol drinking. It can also result in cirrhosis, with an enlarged spleen and fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity. In some people, continued inflammation slowly damages the liver, eventually resulting in severe scarring of the liver, liver failure and sometimes liver cancer.

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Best Way To Treat Ventral Hernias

A ventral hernia will take place when the contents located within the abdominal cavity and will seek to force its way through the abdominal wall. Usually the tissues and the muscles that line up with the cavity are there to hold everything inside. This form of hernia is commonly stimulated when there is a flaw in the wall that is caused by a surgical procedure.

The symptoms that are linked with a ventral hernia will determine on how large or small it may be. Many hernias will be very noticeable when it sticks out in the stomach. This protrusion may be little and barely able to be observed by anybody. Or it might be rather great and induce someone to be very uncomfortable.

It is ordinary for this hernia to not cause any symptoms in the least. Certain individuals can push it back within through the break in the abdominal wall. Still, while this may shrink the size and look it will not take care of the problem entirely.

There are times when it may not be able to be forced back within. This is classified under an incarcerated hernia and has the ability to stimulate symptoms of nausea, vomiting, pain, and might make it challenging to have bowel movements.

At times the blood that is being carried to the bump will cease. This causes the intestine to die. When this occurs it is then categorized as a strangulated hernia. You never wish this to happen because it is extremely painful and makes the entire stomach delicate and stimulate symptoms of pain, fever, chills, and vomiting.

As we stated earlier when the condition is little it has the power to be handled by merely pressing it back inside. One thing that can assist with this is to put on a supportive belt. When the hernia is bigger the physician may have to use surgery in order to fix the portion in the abdomen that is weakened. Surgery is also the last resort when it has become strangulated and it must be completed straightaway.

Understanding Cirrhosis Of Liver

Liver is an important organ of the body. It performs several important functions in maintaining good health. These include production of proteins, detoxification of body, and storage of vitamin A. In addition to this, liver regulates supply of glucose and lipids to be used by the body. For the proper functioning, the liver cells and blood must work closely with each other. But in cirrhosis, the relationship between liver cells and blood is lost and it is unable to add or remove substances from the blood. In cirrhosis, the healthy liver cells are replaced by scar tissue and obstruct the normal flow of blood in the liver. As a result, blood starts accumulating in the portal veins producing the condition called portal hypertension where blood travels in other veins which bypass the liver to organs that performs the function. The relation between liver and canaliculi carrying bile also gets disturbed and liver is unable to perform the function of removing toxic substances from the body. It is this mechanism which leads to the symptoms of cirrhosis of liver.

There can be many causes of cirrhosis of liver.

• The most common cause can be chronic intake of alcohol in large quantities. It causes the death of healthy liver cells and they result in scarring around your veins of liver.

• Hepatitis that is the inflammation of liver due to viral infection can also cause serious damage to your liver cells and cause cirrhosis. Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and Hepatitis D are all culprits.

• Many genetic diseases can be involved in your liver cirrhosis. Diseases such as glycogen storage disease, hemochromatism, Wilsons disease, galactosemia and cystic fibrosis causes abnormal accumulation of toxic substances resulting in damage to liver cells.

• A condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver also causes cirrhosis of liver. It occurs due to certain diseases like CAD, obesity, type II diabetes and protein malnutrition disease.

• Other conditions which are known to cause liver cirrhosis are biliary cirrhosis, autoimmune cirrhosis, cardiac cirrhosis, long term bacterial or parasitic infection and many drugs.

At the initial stage of your cirrhosis of liver, you might not get any signs and symptoms. But with your progression of disease, you can experience weakness or tiredness, appetite loss, weight loss, paleness of skin with nausea, loss of libido. Sometimes you start getting symptoms when the complications of cirrhosis start taking toll. You can get itching due to deposition of breakdown of bile products. Due to liver enlargement, abdominal pain can become a normal routine. Sometimes, fluid retention leads to weight gain and swelling in abdomen, ankles and legs with breathing problems. Due to cirrhosis of liver, the toxins are not eliminated from body and affect your brain resulting in symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, confusion of mind, sleepiness and sometimes even comatose. As the stage progresses, you start getting bruises with slight injury or touch and gum bleeding. Liver congestion can also result in blood in your feces and vomiting. In the further stage, around 7 percent of patients get liver cancer.

By reading about cirrhosis of liver, if you are suspecting of having same symptoms, then don’t waste more time and at least take some steps to delay the complications.

Kidney Stones In Women

Kidney stones are more common in men than women. But the incidence of kidney stones in women has been on the rise. The number of women suffering from this problem has been increasing, largely due to dietary habits. Low intakes of fruits and vegetables and high-protein diets are the most common causes of kidney stones in women. Also, like a man, a woman also has a greater chance of recurrence of this problem.

Many women feel pain in the lower abdomen from time to time before or during menstruation. Sometime the cause of the pain may be kidney stones, but the women may not be able to identify it. They should carefully observe whether any such pain has been followed by a urinary disorder, dullness, fever, and nausea or vomiting. If that is the case, get in touch with your doctor, as he or she will be able to diagnose the problem.

If the pain persists even after menstruation that could be due to kidney stones, though there could be other reasons for it too.

As almost 80 per cent of kidney stones are calcium stones, women taking calcium supplements should be careful about it. Certain medical studies have suggested that if these supplements are taken as a part of a meal rather than a "supplement" to food, the risk of kidney stones reduces drastically.

However, the medical community has yet to reach at a consensus on this sensitive issue. Though men, in general, are more likely to have kidney stones than women, various studies over the last few decades have suggested that women are more likely to have struvite stones than men. The most common cause of struvite stones is chronic urinary tract bacterial infection. These stones can seriously damage a patient's kidneys, due to their size.